NEWCOMER: Paper Mache Sonic

NEWCOMER: Paper Mache Sonic


I think Paper Mache Sonic could take out Down Syndrome Sonic for the title of “Biggest Fail.”  Not only does Paper Mache Sonic look “extra special,” he has a friend to help him out, Paper Mache Pikachu!

[Homemade Hilarity via UK Resistance]
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  1. Sonic looks so motivated xD. He lost his legs and hands but he still hasn’T given up! Paper Mache Sonic is a true hero!

  2. Just think… your friend or a family member is staying the night at your house and asleep on the couch. You put either the creepy Sonic or Pikachu right up to their face so it’s the first thing that they see. Then you wake them up. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” That would be awesome! XD

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