Check Out the New “Flooded Capital” in Sonic Fusion

Check Out the New “Flooded Capital” in Sonic Fusion


More fangame action flyin’ at ya!

We’ve covered Sonic Fusion (by Felik of SFGHQ) here at TSS before and it has been better with each demo.  We haven’t played anything since the demo at SAGE 2009 in July, but this video is more than good enough.  On display here is “Flooded Capital Zone,” a lost empire submerged underwater, complete with ancient Greek/Roman architecture.

The level design is incredibly well thought-out and creative.  It bears a striking play-style to that of Marble Zone, except with a bit more bells and whistles.  Have I mentioned the graphics yet?  I haven’t?  Oh, uh… well… they’re THE BEST.  Rarely do you see custom graphics for an Advance-style fangame, so I’m thoroughly impressed.

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  1. Very interesting and beautiful stage. I enjoy how the locked door element is used in different ways. I’m sure future stages will continue this trend.

  2. That is amazing. The level design reminds me of Pirate Island from SRA combined with Marble Zone. This NEEDS to be given more love.

  3. Can I just say that demo/showcase level of Sonic Fusion is the nuts. Fockin’ epic that was. Refreshing and memory-lane trippin’ at the same time. I share my compliments and support to the team who made this. Well done. *thumbs up*

  4. That’s just so awesome looking. The level design and graphics is so amazing. I hope the rest of the game-making community learn something from this. 😀

  5. Background’s taken from SNES Dracula X, and a lot of enemies from Mega Man Zero.

    Looks cool, though.

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