BlueTube: Tails Doll Scares Girl, Gets Dissed

BlueTube: Tails Doll Scares Girl, Gets Dissed


Yeah, this video made me laugh hard.

A girl returns home to her boyfriend suspiciously holding a video camera.  A few seconds of “boredom” later, someone in Tails Doll cosplay sneaks out of the darkness.  Sure, the scare was funny, but that isn’t the best part.

“What is that for?!  Is that a Pokemon?”  The dork in cosplay looks so dejected.  I love it. Word up to RockmanX.EXE for sending us the link to this video.

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  1. I don’t get it…

    Not the video, the whole Tails doll thing.

    I know it was a pathetic attempt by developers of Sonic R to make a Tails-like robot to join Metal Sonic, but…

    …why is it that every other Sonic fan seems to be freaked out by it?

    Honestly, if anyone knows why, just let me know?

  2. Angel C: It’s a well-known Internet meme (in-joke) that Tails Doll is scary in an ironic way. So scary, in fact, that it will sneak into bedrooms at night and feast on the faces of the unwitting. That is the Tails Doll legacy.

  3. OMG i cant belive you actually posted my vid xD
    but yeah I made the cosplay for Megacon 2010. Though i should share it =D

    NinMicroSega says:
    But she is bang-a-ble.

    Thats my cousin bro >_>

  4. Pokemon? THAT’S AN INSULT. Pokemon is the one of the lowest of the lowest of abominable franchises. How that crap got popular I will never understand.

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