Black Knight Wins ScrewAttack’s SAGY Wii Award

Black Knight Wins ScrewAttack’s SAGY Wii Award

Shadzter told you a week and a half ago that Sonic was nominated twice for ScrewAttack’s “Shitty Ass Game of the Year” Awards.  Well, all of the G1s (not the staff) at their forums have spoken and Sonic & the Black Knight has earned the title of the worst game  on Wii for 2009 by a landslide “victory.”

61% – Sonic & Black Knight

24% – Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

15% – Wii Sports Resort

SWORDS. Watch the awards presentation at ScrewAttack.

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  1. It’s times like these where I can only zip up my hoodie tip my hat, and put on my sunglasses. And walk away in shame of being a sonic fan.

  2. … These people obviously haven’t played Mario and Sonic at the Olympics.

    …..Ugh, SatBK was so much better, these results just sicken me…

  3. good so black knight sucks tell me something i don’t know…
    ” waits for project needlemouse infos

  4. But.. when it comes to worst Wii title of 2009, there should be more than just these three, isn’t it?

  5. Hooray it got it!
    I’d like to thank horrible controls, bad voice acting, repetitive stages and Sega for continuing to slaughter our beloved hedg..

    *Microphone taken away*

    “I’m really happy for you , I’ll let you finish, but Wii Sports Resort was the worst Wii game of 09!”

    *Every time someone says Sonic Adventure 2 was good, all Sonic players worldwide are disconnected from their online Smash Bros Brawl game*

  6. I really hate that… it’s like they just fucking have it in for Sonic! X[

    These folks are a-holes who totally overlooked the ASSLOADS of shitty Wii games, most “Wii: insert crappy name here” titles…

    like Wii: music!!…

    sheesh… sometimes, gamers and critics just make me want to vomit!

  7. While yes Sonic and the black knight was a terrible game, I find it hard to belive it was the worst one for the wii this year. It seems to me that Sonic has been victimised a bit here, but of course I’d say that I’m a sonic fan.

    Still if it smells a bit off then it must be a bit off.

  8. Jix: Sonic Adventure 2 was good.

    Screwattack don’t get (like many people don’t seem to get) that just because a game has a character they have played in their lifetime in it it doesn’t mean that any follow up game is aimed at them. Do you guys honestly think SBK was aimed at the Screwattack-type of audience?


  9. Meh, I don’t really care. If they don’t like it, they’re missing out.
    Honestly, most of the people hate it because reviews said it was bad. Most people who’ve played it, said it was entertaining (which is the whole point)
    If they didn’t like it because they played it, and didn’t enjoy it, fair enough. But if they hate it because IGN hates it, then really why would thier opinion matter.

  10. I think out of those three, yes it was the worst. But come on there were heaps of other worse wii games this year!
    So I’m basically saying that there should have been about 50+ games for the award.

  11. Looking at these results just makes me wanna stick my head in the nearest oven. The fact that M&S was nominated at all is simply because it had Sonic characters in it, and in my honest opinion, Black Knight doesn’t deserve this either. So freakin what if Sonic has a sword!? It’s called “Broadening the series horizons”!! (I’m sure I mispelled that)

  12. To be honest, the only thing that was really bad about SaTBK was the controls for the sword. Everything else worked for the most part. Sure the controls pretty much can make or break a game, and I can admit it was the worst of the 3 there, but come on! You can find WAY worse than that.

    Besides, does a good story, great character development, decent fan service and finally completely optional characters mean NOTHING to these people? You HAVE to admit this game got SOME things right.

  13. No reviewer in this whole world knows what they’re talking about. Wii Sports Resort was great, they just picked off Mario and Sonic because it had Sonic in it (what the fuck?!), as for Sand the Black Night I don’t know what to say cause I haven’t played it but I’m sure it wasn’t that bad.

  14. But Sonic and the Black knight was utterly dreadful… what exactly is the problem with this award?

  15. Remind me again what I, or anyone for that matter, should care what people (or more corectly the INTERNET) care about a game we liked? So they didn’t and we did, what’s the big deal? We are all intitled, biased and misinformed, it may be to our own opinion.

  16. Its not the Sonic game we were hoping for, so it desverse it.

    Stuff the gimmicks Sega and put some effort into the next game… 😛

  17. My problem isn’t the fact that it won (or lost, in this case?), it’s the REASONS it lost.

    The reasons people hate the Sonic games is so cookie cutter: It’s not like the old days (in other words, “I can’t accept change”), it’s not only about speed like it’s always been based around (because the Genesis Sonic games were SO fast, right? Save for Chemical Plant, that is), or the controls suck (lrn 2 play).

  18. Oh wow, split in opinions for SatBK, but I’m sure ALL of you can agree, SatBK was NOT the WORST Wii game. The Wii is known for its MASSES of shovelware, E.G Hannah Montana. That game just breaths “pile of shit”, yet two of the three worst games were Sonic related. I’m sorry but Sonic is an established franchise, and the people nominated these games were probably some Nintendo Fanboys still living in the console wars of the 90’s all buthurt about Sonic being popular, and how Mario and Sonic in the same game is treason. M&SatWOLG, wasn’t THAT bad, neither was SatBK. Wii sports resort, wasn’t bad, just unecessary profit for Nintendo and Miyamoto.
    People really need to stop shitting on Sonic because SEGA doesn’t give Sonic Team enough room to breathe.

  19. I never played this game but I have heard good things about it. Sure if it’s not perfect, but there are MANY Wii games (I can’t really call them games) that are as fun as watching paint dry.

  20. Maybe it’s just their countdowns, but don’t they usually do one per franchise, I mean did Sonic really need to be nominated twice in the same category?

  21. To KidReny:

    Don’t ever be ashamed to be a Sonic fan, sure Sonic ’06 got a bad rep, but I still play it to this day :). And I wear my retro Sonic shirts with pride!

  22. We all know that it’s only a publicity stunt to get in with the anti-Sonic crowd…

    Seriously, why do people take any notice of this trash?

  23. Given the very nature of this poll, what this actually shows, is that Nintendo W ii fans only play first party titles and Sega third party Sonic games. And given the sales of said games, its not that far off from being true.

  24. Heh whatever ScrewAttack.

    SEGA’s own “Wacky World of Sport” and “Jambo Safari” were also released this year and they are MUCH worse Wii titles than SatBK.

    ScrewAttack has always had something against Sonic…


  25. Once again, I must point out that the people who nominated anything only picked games they played. And since the Wii is so full of shovelware, most people only play Nintendo/Sega games. So these awards should be called…the “Worst Game I Played Because it Looked Promising, But Still Isn’t as Bad as Hannah Montana” awards.

    I also must bring up that Halo 3: ODST was nominated for worst 360 game, so there are most likely trolls voting.

    And yes, SatBK was nowhere near being the worst Sonic game, but that’s the point. It’s a slightly below-average game that only looks good in comparison to Sonic ’06 or the Werehog stages.

  26. Let’s face it. We all know most video game critics are talking out of their arses at the best of times. I mean, Need For Speed: Undercover too easy? WTF are they on about?

    We shouldn’t listen to a word they say.

    And yes, Hannah Montana is probably on the same level as Superman 64. I dunno. I haven’t bought it. But I bought SatBK.

    Case Closed.

  27. I’m now glad I got the Jazwares Sonic figure for this game today. :DDD

    Okay, so this game won the award for “it had Sonic in it and no Mario to make up for it so it sucks”, didn’t it?

    @F1Krazy: Most people seem to forget that critics are human beings, which are creatures which will always be biased to one side or another. (Critics forget this too.) If you have a different opinion and it doesn’t hurt anybody or disrupt anything to have it, then keep it. There’s nothing wrong with feeling differently to the rest of the crowd.

  28. Although i hate them constantly picking on the Sonic franchise and making Call of Duty games seem Incredible, SatBK did have a lot of flaws, but it certainly wasnt the worst game out that year :/

  29. While I won’t completely defend Sonic and the Black Knight, it’s still no surprise coming from ScrewAttack. SatBK wasn’t great, sure, but their constant Sonic bashing is what made me not visit their site anymore. What really made me leave the site was their live “review” of Sonic Unleashed, where they didn’t even have their facts straight on it. But I seriously wouldn’t consider SatBK the worst Wii game of 2009, there have been far worse.

    I can see that ScrewAttack’s staff are only fans of the Genesis-era Sonic games, and that’s fair enough. But I just don’t like how they call ALL recent Sonic games completely terrible. Sonic Rush, anyone? Also, whether they want to admit it or not, Sonic Unleashed was miles above more recent 3D efforts in the series. I would think the day stages could of gotten at least a little bit of praise. I don’t know, the only ScrewAttack “property” I still follow is the Angry Video Game Nerd. Stuttering Craig’s constant Sonic bashing I grew tired of very quickly.

    Sorry if I seem whiny or complaining, but that’s just a part of their site that bothers me a lot.

  30. Okay, let’s set some things straight.

    Yes, the majority of internet gaming sites seem to favor the “Sonic was good once and will never be good again” viewpoint, and normally I’m on the same page as Screw Attack- but that’s because they play it so close to “general opinion” that they never really get a complaint. I mean, on all of their “Top/Bottom 10/5/20/etc” they choose games that are generally regarded by gamers to be fantastic/terrible- because they are trying to get views and get folks to like them. The sad truth is, a majority of gamers and gaming sites think “Sonic was good once and will never be good again”, and so if they are given the opportunity to bash Sonic, by god, they’ll take it (did anyone see their review of Black Knight? Which makes me think that they only nominated games that they reviewed…). Sonic fans, whether we like it or not, are a minority.

    Another thing- I don’t know where all this talk of bad controls is coming from- the characters and swordplay were perfectly fine. Sure, it may have not been the best control SYSTEM (i.e. level on rails except for forward/backward/side to side movement), but the controls certainly weren’t bad. Screw Attack’s own review shows an abomination of a player attempting to move as slow as humanly possible through levels- no wonder they reviewed the game badly. The sword controls were not reviewed well because apparently, every Wii player is a retard that, upon picking up a controller, flails madly, and nonstop. The swipe/flick controls worked fine for me and I found myself using precision slices in the majority of the levels. But again, my copy may have been faulty and actually had good controls- what do I know? Ever seen the Hellfire Comms playthrough of SatBK? Anton64 hardly takes any damage because he times his damn hits, a revolutionary concept.

    Um, not much else to say here. I’ll agree, it wasn’t the roaring comeback a lot of people thought it would be, hell, it wasn’t even a fantastic game, but it played decently and was certainly no Hannah Montana, etc.


  31. This game deserves all the hate it can get. Show no mercy and maybe some quality will come from Sega next time, if ever.



    ANYTHING TO SAY? …Good. Screw you up the ass.

  33. Ok, don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge Sonic fan and take pride in the face that the Blue Blur and I share a birthday, and I still enjoy most of the 3D Sonic games (Come on, the Day Time Stages from Sonic Unleashed were awesome) but…….SatBK sucked. Sorry, but SatBK is one of the few games (Sonic 2006 you too) that makes me hang my head in shame for being a Sonic fan. Sega really screwed up on this one and anyone who disagrees with this is in denial. At least we have Project Needlemouse:)

  34. @8D3: Oh, I’m not in denial. Gameplay-wise, it did suck and SEGA shouldn’t be proud of it. They had a good thing going with Secret Rings and then they added the sword to the gameplay, and then… well.

    Plot-wise, however, it was certainly one of the better games. And it did have the funniest opening. ;D

  35. It wasn’t the sword element, it wasn’t even how it was implemented, it was more how it was executed, and quite frankly we should already be past the point of Wiimote delays (this more or less directed toward thee boss fights, but regular gameplay deserves an honorable mention).

    But in other aspects, that is to say NOT the gameplay, the game was superb believe it or not, it was the little things in Black Knight that actually made me proud to be a Sonic fan.

  36. SatBK – If it’s not for you, it’s not for you. Go play a different Sonic game.
    Most ‘fans’ still say they’re ‘fans’ when they follow the series and bash it constantly. (Similar to youtube videos, I was looking at the ending of ’06 cause I don’t have a 360 or a PS3. It was just..lots of idiots.) Honestly, I’d love it if they kept going this way. It pisses of “fans”, and leads to enjoyment for people who can actually appreciate a game. Really now, if you think the 2D games were the best, then what are you doing following the 3D games? You’re not a fan, you just like the 2D games under the Hedgehog name. Sheesh.

    Back on topic… It’s ironic, the Wii caters to all sorts of gamers, and people seem to forget this when it comes to Wii games. Hardcore RPGs (Tales of Graces), casual side scrollers (New Super Mario Bros.), etc. Sonic & Mario, more or less casual, it’s one of those things you do randomly for kicks. Sonic & BK, it’s one of those Sonic games you just play. Pop it in, play, save, turn it off. Wii Resort. No comments…ish.

  37. @Cause_of_chaos

    Just like another particular videogame site I know…the IGNorant people at…actually that works fine on it’s own XD

  38. Ditto, Wave Kusanagi. I actually loved Sonic and the Black Knight and the only reason for the way people react to the game is because Sonic has a sword. They don’t even examine the game! It’s a magnificant game if you actually PLAY it!

  39. Oh, wow…. There’s even less a voice of reason HERE, than on TSSZ News. Why am I not surprised?

    Black Knight deserves the award. Terrible games but with beautiful graphics and strong fan service. HOWEVER, I myself am tired of hearing Crush 40. I mean… Couldn’t Sonic’s armor instead be a remake of the Green Hill theme? Please? Ugh…

  40. Heh I think Its sad that it got the award, because when I first picked it up, I enjoyed my self, until I noticed it did not feel like sonic. I think the game is good but not the sonic goodness everyone knows and loves…
    But I’m tired of hearing… back in the good old days.. be cool side scroll side SCROLL FREAKING SIDE SCROLL… remake of GHZ song yes would be cool i would love some GHZ guitar but come on now guys.. we don’t live in the stone age, I think Sonic unleashed 3D 2D was great and I think it should stay. Now i hear needle mouse all side scroll.. no change back to 3D.. kinda loses the excitement, Plus I heard its only DLC.. which kills me more but.. unlike sonic fans that flame on other sonic games “SONIC SHOULDN’T BE IN A CAR!” so..? its just fun for the game.. BE sonic fans BE supportive.. I think the sonic community is the worst at supporting what they love.. when it comes to change. Winter games…. was great it just was but because sonic is involved its there.. in the crappy game awards BS if it was only Mario it wouldn’t be near there… We need to fight to bring our hedgehog back on top.. not wine and groan but do something about it, thats what sonic would want us to do and right now sonic is frowning and his head is hanging in shame, its like the quote in the TSS “Because We’re Sonic HEROES!” so lets be sonic heroes.. not his judgment.

  41. Worst Wii game of 2009? Bull is all I can say. Undoubtedly there were worse games for the Wii. I enjoyed the game and probably spent the better part of a month playing it at least three hours a day. I still play the game regularly, splitting time between it and the 360 version of Unleashed. I will agree that Sonic and the Black Knight wasn’t the best game of 2009 but it was not the worst. ScrewAttack can do to themselves what the first part of their name says.

  42. Sonic and the Black Knight sucks.

    You people seem very acceptable of these gimicks Sega are doing now. I am not. I am a costumer. i know what I want in a Sonic game. Its certainly NOT Guns, Hoverboard, Swords or Werehogs, nor is it Jason GRIFFITH!!

    Sonic and the Black Knight wasnt THE worst game of all time, but it is bad enough to deserve this. The Swordplay lags. Ironicly the most important part of the game sucks. sega act so pretenous or rather they are in a pretenous belief that its all about the kids nowadays. Sonic is rally aimed at the older fans who still play the games. Its because of Unleashed that the fanbase hasnt dissolved its remaining numbers.

    Im not here to start a pissing match at Sega and its iconic mascot but theyre businness driven perspective has thrown the fame and name of the character into Chaos. (Not the Liquid Lifeform)

    Sonic ISNT Mario. he shouldnt just be able to copy any gimmick Mario does and then pass it off as a presentable product. Mario still has his old gameplay when He has a watergun and Flies in Space. luigi can even have a good game when hes catching ghosts with a vaccum. Mario is going to Fly in Space again with Yoshi this time in Galaxy 2 and its going to be an enjoyable game.

    My point here, is that there was nothing wrong with the gameplay mechanics and introducing the games that came out to be SonicAdventure 1 and 2 and heroes. I even gave that a chance before judging a thing about it. Even that experience is better than Shadow the Hedgehog 2005 and after.

    I dont mind Games with gimmicks like Sonic Battle, or Shuffle, once in a Blue Moon. The idea of a storybook series sounds as though we have ripoff predictabilities coming on. Every Fairytale is now expected to be Ripped Off. Sonic and the Secret Rings had a great Design because it was adapting to something new for the first time. The World of the Arabian Nights was A WONDEFUL IDEA. The World of King Arthur can be a good idea as well, when it ISNT Sonic with a Sword, and a predictable storyline.

    Ive said tis plenty of times and I’ll say it again. I LIKE playing as Amy, Tails, and Knuckles. If Sonic Unleashed had the werehog removed and those were Knuckles levels given all the punching, then the game wouldve been SO MUCH BETTER. In Black Knight, i just really want Sega to stop making Sonic Games for a while. They should focus on Improvments for an Unleashed Sequel WITHOUT the Werehog!

  43. SEGA sucks in kart games! Sonic All Star Racing is the example. I bought Mario & sonic Winter Games, it’s fun, the game have beutiful graphics and a good variety of Mario characters and Sonic characters. SEGA made a good work with Mario & Sonic.

  44. First of all, SATBK does not deserve the reward. Period. It did have quite a few problems, but there were definitely games with bigger and more numerous problems. Give me one good reason why Sonic and the Black Knight should be the named the worst game of the year – and that reason can’t be “it’s not Sonic”. I’ve heard quite enough of that, thank you.

    Second, who the hell even nominated the other two? Did they not hear that Wii Sports Resort and Mario and Sonic both got good and/or great reviews from professional reviewers?

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