Video Section Returns

Video Section Returns

You might have noticed that it’s a bit of a lull period for Sonic news and fresh information at the moment. Certainly, the side-effect is somewhat adverse for some. But rather than flap our gums, we’re knuckling down during this silent season and beefing up TSS’ resources. This morning (before work, natch – I’m actually working right now, I time-locked this post so it will publish at now rather than two hours ago – great huh) I have managed to re-open our Videos section! Now that’s useful!

Only thing is, there’s literally one video in there at the moment – Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing’s Hallowe’en Trailer. You can still download it by heading to the links on the sidebar, then going to the particular game section. Or you can simply watch it on Youtube, if downloading’s not entirely your thing.

I plan on doing this with the huge backlog of videos I have round here – I’ve started to think that there’s so many little things I can add to the site, that doing a huge whopping site post for them all every time I add a new vid isn’t going to be efficient for us, or you who want to read an array of different content on the front page. So I’m working on an ‘updates’ ticker of sorts. It’ll essentially be a quicklist of new content we’ve added, linking to the relevant page. I’ll probably slap it in the sidebar, and give it its own RSS feed too so those who want to know every little detail can sign up. How does that sound?

In the meantime, enjoy the video/incoming videos, and I’ll have more content ready. Likely during my lunch break. Am I good to you or what?

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  1. The new Updates box should be active and working in the sidebar there! I’ve named them ‘Site Bites’ because… well, they’re nibbles of content that otherwise don’t fit on the front page etc. They’re a child category of the Website News section, so I have to be careful and make sure that the archives pages don’t get swamped with these things.

    Sound off on what you think of the new addition here, if you like. 🙂

  2. Ah I see the bites, its fitting. Your right, this way you won’t flood the main page with all the website updates. 🙂

    Only issue I have with the site is the background, I have a 1680×1050 screen, making Sonic appear behind the Sonic Stadium logo.

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