Sumo Speaks on Music for ASR, confirms Sonic tracks

Sumo Speaks on Music for ASR, confirms Sonic tracks

In a recent interview with the website Original Sound Version, Sumo Digital’s Steve Lycett, aka S0L, has recently confirmed new details regarding the music and sound of the game, which should have both Sonic and racing fans salivating.

First off, he’s confirmed that the game will contain music beyond the Sonic Heroes tracks:

To this end we’ve got classic tracks from many, many games. If we take just the Sonic courses, we’ve got music from Sonic Heroes, Sonic CD, Sonic R and many more. Outside of Sonic, we’ve raided official sound tracks to get new arranged versions of music. We’ve even managed to get a Crush40 track in there!

He also confirmed that there will be an in game shop where new tracks can be bought with the game’s in game currency, “Sega Miles”. In addition to classic tracks, Mr. Lycett also cofirmed that there will be all new material, composed by classic SEGA composers:

We’ve pulled in some familiar names to record us new material. So we’ve got Richard Jacques very much involved. We love Rich, we hope he loves us too! It wouldn’t have that All-Star feel without his involvement, so we’re very happy that he’s recorded new music for the game.

Expect to hear some brand new tracks from other respected artist too, you will spend the next few weeks humming and whistling them!

For those of you who don’t know who Richard Jacques is, he composed the award winning soundtrack for Sega’s Headhunter, and also composed music for Jet Set Radio, Jet Set Radio Future, Outrun 2, Metropolis Street Racing, Daytona USA Circuit Edition, and of course, Sonic R. Overall, Lycett says the music selection will be much bigger in this game compared to Superstars Tennis.

The sound design goes beyond the musc, though. In the interview, Lycett confirms the amount of effort put into the engine sounds, announcer commentary, and character voice overs. Check out the interview to see the rest!

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  1. Didn’t Sega downplay speculation of Sonic R songs in an earlier interview?

    Hm! This is turning out to be Sega’s answer to Smash Bros.. but in cars 🙂

  2. Why do they always do Heroes stuff?! It’s not as if Heroes (in terms of music) brought anything new to the series…

  3. I agree with Wordy. The Sonic Heroes music was pretty poor and hardly memorable. Though if we could get some Jet Set Radio music on this game that would be kl; com on Jacques don’t let me down!

  4. Sonic Heroes had some nice music ;). Their going with more content from Heroes this time around because they did the classic games heavily in Superstars Tennis. They are trying not to be redundant.

    Besides, we ARE getting Sonic CD and Sonic R music, aren’t we? Those haven’t been featured since the original game releases.

    Can you feel the sunshine, my friends?

  5. @nuckles87
    Sonic R’s theme was in Samba de Amigo for the Dreamcast 😉

    To be fair to Heroes, it was Sonic’s multi-platform debut. His first proper Playstation and Xbox title. It has the most recognition from fans and owners of all platforms, so it makes sense to include Heroes references. Just be happy they didn’t include Heroes gameplay. 😉

  6. “For those of you who don’t know who Richard Jacques is…”
    Who around here DOESN’T know who Richard Jacques is? I’m just surprised you forgot to mention Sonic 3D Blast/Flickie’s Island for Saturn and Sega Superstars Tennis as game soundtracks he’s worked on.

    Sega Superstars Tennis had 6 tracks from Sonic Heroes (Seaside Hill, Ocean Palace, and a menu theme from Heroes for the Green Hill Zone court and Bullet Station, Egg Fleet, and Final Fortress for the Scrap Brain Zone court) and only 2 from the original Sonic the Hedgehog (Green Hill Zone and Scrap Brain Zone, obviously), along with some brief clips of themes from SA2. So I wouldn’t say they did classic Sonic games very heavily in SST.

    Here’s hoping they include something from the Japanese Sonic CD soundtrack.

  7. I didn’t forget to mention. I tried picking games that where both worth mentioning and didn’t give Sonic fans the wrong idea ;). Sonic 3D Blast, despite it’s glorious soundtrack, is generally not associated with good things.

  8. Man, JSRF has the best soundtrack EVER! I wouldn’t mind if they just used the old tunes instead of making new ones. Besides, I’m not really into Heroes soundtrack anyways.

  9. Well i whud like to see some Sonic 3D Blast Mega Drive Music in this racing game, i whud like to see Panic Puppet Act 2 track in it, that song whud be a awesome track for a sonic race course but if it not in it i’ll just play the original thu my ipod on the xbox 360 XD

  10. lol, come on people, read the interview. Least you could do for the site.

    ….but no, it doesn’t.

  11. Richard is really a great & professional composer. I am sure that the music of ASR will be perfect.

    Thanks in advance Sega & Sumo Digital

  12. If it’s true that all the Sonic courses are done…I’m sad 🙁
    Stardust Speedway would be like… Rainbow Road in Mario Kart…or whatever DX
    it would’ve been a good choice for a track D:

    and I’m serious…Sonic Heroes has been in most games lately…
    The music isn’t all that great…
    nor the game…

    and I’m kinda getting tired of listening to it now DX

    >_> *points at bottom of this site’s page” karma?

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