Sonic Site Awards Phase II Is Go!

Sonic Site Awards Phase II Is Go!

About time, I hear you moan. Alright alright, shut up, I’ve had a busy week of it. 😛 Anyway, as you can probably tell by the title of this update, the second phase of this year’s Sonic Site Awards is now OPEN! Click here to be taken straight to the voting page. We had a hell of a lot of submissions this year, so thank you for all of your interest – unfortunately only five nominees can be considered worthy of the title for each category, so apologies if you didn’t get through – it just means you have everything to work for in next year’s contest!

You have until the end of play 6th December 2009 to cast your vote. Can I be a bit of a penis and politely ask everyone to at least visit all of the nominations for each category? These guys have put their back into making their websites and this event is all about awarding great work that might not get seen for all the TSS’ and Sonic Retro’s out there. Take the time to click the links, surf about, see what each site’s like, and contact the webmasters and let ’em know your thoughts if you like. This community is all about sharing, and if we can’t share just a moment of our time what’s the point of it all?

The winners, in traditional SSA fashion, won’t be revealed until a special Awards broadcast that takes place on SEGASonic Radio. That means you won’t even know who’s winning at the moment until the big day. It’s all a mystery! Suspense! Drama (the good kind)! Intrigue! It’s fun, isn’t it?

Good luck to our nominees!

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  1. Good to see Zone 0 in there, I remember when that site came about all those many months ago and nobody had even heard of it, how time changes things.

  2. Good luck to all teh nomineez. I think I’ll actually be checking them all out, since usually I’m too lazy. But now it is smaller. Which I guess was the idea.

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  3. I’m not clicking anything unless a prize is up for grabs! … or if the people behind the Sonic Shorts series are up for some kind of well deserved award.. YOU GUYS RULE!

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