Sonic Relief 2010 – New Details Revealed

Sonic Relief 2010 – New Details Revealed

MK Skillz, the founder of Sonic Relief has just issued a press release regarding Sonic Relief 2010.

Sonic Relief 2010 is on its way and there’s plenty to get excited about!

The campaign will run in a similar fashion to Sonic Relief 2009 – people can make Sonic-related submissions (be it artwork, music, video… anything!) and a certain amount of money will be donated to charity based on how many submissions are made. However, we’re planning on giving away a prize or two for our favourite entries, so that’s an extra incentive to get creating!

That’s not all though. Perhaps you have another idea to raise some money? Well, now you’ll be able to take the fundraising into your own hands! Inspired by some of the suggestions we’ve received from the Suggestions Topic (including a “Day in Blue” and a rather interesting calendar idea), we plan on setting up a system whereby you can come up with your own ways to raise money and then pass on the proceedings to the main Sonic Relief campaign. Alternatively, this system will also allow anyone to just simply make a donation should they wish! We want everyone to be able to get involved in next year’s Sonic Relief!

There you have it then, that’s the basic premise for Sonic Relief 2010. You can expect the campaign to be kicking off in early January and running up until March to coincide with the UK Sport Relief campaign.

So, be sure to put your thinking caps on and get your creative juices flowing in readiness for what will hopefully be a bigger and better Sonic Relief!

In the meantime, you can get yourself prepared for the campaign by following @SonicReliefUK on Twitter or joining the official Sonic Relief Facebook group.

If you have any questions regarding Sonic Relief, please do not hesitate to contact us –
PM MK Skillz at SSMB


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