Sonic Classic Collection Rated By BBFC

Sonic Classic Collection Rated By BBFC

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Seem’s SEGA have another Sonic collection title on the way as if we haven’t been given enough already. SEGA Europe submitted Sonic Classic Collection to the BBFC on the 11th November where the BBFC have today given it a U rating and have made no cuts.

The following content is what they rated –


With a Sonic Chronicles video features could we be seeing this game hitting the DS? We’ll keep you up to date if and when more information is made available. For now, check out the full rating here.

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  1. It being available on handhelds would be the only thing to make this collection worthwhile. I’d be particularly interested in having S3&K squeezed down onto a portable at last. If this is a complete list of it’s contents then portable seems likely to me, as there’s too little there to warrant yet another home console compilation.

  2. As much as I liove when a new sonic game comes out, sega really needs to let go of their past games and start working in their new games. I bought sonic 1 on over 8 diferent consoles already!


    Well, I’ll still be sure to pick it up, mainly because of the extras mentioned, and cos I’m just a general Sonic fanatic. (And yet ANOTHER VERSION of Sonic 1 wouldn’t hurt I guess)
    Sonic 1
    Sonic Compilation
    Sonic Jam
    Sonic Mega Collection
    Sonic Mega Collection+
    Sega Megadrive Collection
    And a 6-game cartridge that came with my MD

    That’s how many versions of Sonic 1 I own lol

  4. Ya know what SEGA? Just give it a rest with the constant re-release after re-release of the classic Sonic games from the MD/Genesis era, and release a collection of the good 3D Sonic games that you’ve made in recent years. I mean, think about how kickass a collection with the Sonic Adventure games would be =D

  5. I like how everyone lists off the collections and forgets to mention Sonic & Knuckles Collection, yet they mention Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis/Megadrive Collection and Sega Genesis/Megadrive Collection for PSP/PS2 which are technically not Sonic collections, rather just collections of sega games

    Well all ranting aside. This will be an instant buy for me if its on PSP. Because really, Sega’s whored themselves out to the Nintendo DS for way too long. They can put Tennis and Racing on the DS but what? not on PSP? arent both games on PS2? and doesnt the PSP have the same power of the PS2? but seriously. I hope its on PSP. I mean, Sega could put it on both…

    And I think that this is an incomplete list. Because, seriously…. this is NOT enough for a collection on a console by todays standards.

  6. *Slaps forehead* Here we go again… again… again…. again… again… again… again…


  7. @edge

    I didn’t list S&K Collection because I was only listing all the collections that had Sonic 1 in it, cos it’s the Sonic game I’v seen ported the most XD

  8. Another collection?? And by the looks of the list of things rated there, it’s going to be a portable one. If that’s the case, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they’ll release it for DS. I hope they don’t butcher it like they did with Sonic 1 on GBA, though…

  9. If my memory serves well… didn’t that SEGA-Sony document leak mention a Sonic collection? For $100? This had better just be the surface of the games they’ll put on that disc. :/

  10. ANOTHER Sonic collection?


    I already have Mega Collection (GameCube), Mega Collection Plus (PS2, XBOX & PC), SEGA Genesis Collection (PSP), Ultimate Genesis Collection (XBOX 360), and I’ll soon get the Sonic & Knuckles Collection for PC. (Again, thanks to you “blokes” in The Sonic Hour. I said that right, blokes? Right? In any case…)

    Not to mention I got the same games in my 360 Arcade and my Wii Virtual Console. Am I really going to go for yet another collection of classic Sonic games?


  11. I would rather have remakes, I’ve seen enough collection, and only bought two of them: Mega Collection, and Gems Collection. Every other collection had the same games, so it wasn’t worth buying them.

    However….I’m interested in the mysterious footage that the game might seem to have =)

  12. You know what it should include if it is on DS, “Sonic Gameworld” and “Tails and the Music Maker” (The 2 Pico Games) Now those are some true Sonic Gems that fans haven’t been fed a hundred times already and the DS would be the perfect port for it (pen tool replaced by Stylus, book pages recreated on lower screen, tv screen emulated on top screen, it’d be perfect.) Someone forward my idea to SEGA.

  13. So what? They would be still awesome. Dispite the fact that I’m 18 years old, I’d rather play those games on the DS than Sonic 1 effin’ again. 🙂

  14. For those moaning about “yet another collection”, name all of the Sonic compilations made for portable devices. Game.Com’s Sonic Jam… and, er…. I believe that’s it.

  15. Sonic Genesis for the GBA and Sega Genesis Collection for the PSP only featured Sonic 1. THe closest to a portable Sonic collection is playing the 3-in-1 cart (Sonic 1,2 & Mean Bean) on a Sega Nomad.

  16. @ Barry the Nomad
    Actually SEGA Genesis Collection/SEGA Mega Drive Collection on PSP features Sonic 1 and 2.

  17. The best part is I don’t have wait until I get home, play some Wii, Genesis or anything while I have my DSi to play some classic Sonic games…

    that is…if this is a DS port…

    so buying this…

  18. Thanks Shadzter! Even so, it’s nice to see the full 2D series in one place. Maybe we can do a trade. The DS gets the classic 2D games, and XBLA/PSN gets the Sonic Advance series 😛

  19. @ Barry the Nomad
    Yeah, would be great to play all of the Mega Drive games on the go. I think the DS buttons would be more comfortable too, the PSP d-pad feels awkward when playing Sonic 1 and 2 in my experience.

  20. I like how no one seems to realise that there are no Genesis games on PSN(at least not on the US one.I dont know about Europe or Japan)

    @ shadzter

    I actually think the DS’s D-Pad is uncomfortable. I feel that all 4 PSP’s D-Pad’s are better than the DSlite and DSi’s. Its about even with the 1st DS. But thats just my opinion(thats the great thing about life. We all have different opinions)

  21. @ edge
    I have a DS and DSi, my wife has a DS Lite and I like the DS d-pad but I’m not keen on the DSi’s or DS Lite’s. When I play Mario Kart DS for example, I just can’t play it using my DSi’s d-pad(or shoulder buttons for that matter). I like the PSP d-pad(I have the first model in white) but I don’t find it any good for playing Sonic 1 and 2.

    Agreed on the different oppinions thing 🙂

  22. If this is for psp ill definitley pick it up. I hope they will include stuff like Knuckles Chaotix.

  23. @shadzter

    Did you try using the Analog stick?(I could NOT play with it. though for some reason Im fine when playing with the analog stick on the genesis games on the GameCube)

    By the way your one of the guys that run TSS right? and your all from Europe right? Well do you know if the Genesis games are on the european PlayStation store(for PSP or PS3)? because I hear all this talk about genesis games on XBLA, VC and PSN but when I try to get on my PSP and PS3 I cant find the old sonic games on there so Im stuck only being able to play Sonic 1 and 2 on Sega Genesis/Megadrive Collection on my PSP, and Ive always wanted to play Sonic 3&Knuckles on my PSP

  24. @ edge
    Yeah I’m one of the TSS writers, I made this article.

    I’ve tried analog sticks with the classic games and can’t play with them, after all the years of d-padding on the SEGA consoles it’s just too weird.

    I live in Europe and no there aren’t any classic Sonic games on the European PSN, we didn’t even get all of the DLC packs for Sonic Unleashed on PSN. We only got 4 of them.

  25. I’m all for retro game collections, but dammit, couldn’t this have all the Game Gear/8-bit Sonics instead? The Genesis ones have been ported like fifteen times.

  26. I will be buying this if it is for the DS. Heck no if it is PSP though. And don’t call me a DS fanboy, I have a PSP too, but I dislike it. xD

    For some reason, the old 2D Sonic games don’t keep my interest if they are on the home consoles on my TV. I just don’t know what it is about playing old, 2D games on the my TV. If it really is a handheld compilation, I would grab it day 1(if it is DS though).

    I only have the Gem Collection(used to have Mega Collection), so no complaining with me!

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