Sonic Classic Collection confirmed for DS

Sonic Classic Collection confirmed for DS

Australia’s video game rating classification database has confirmed what many have been speculating: Sonic Classic Collection is indeed coming to the DS.

This game marks the first time such a collection has appeared on the DS. No word yet on when the game compilation is set to come out, but we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as there is an official confirmation.

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  1. As I said on Dreadknux’s Twitter ; sweeet =D. I already play many of the games on DS emu tbh, but thats far from perfect. Been dying to play the Megadrive games on the go for yonks, but lack Nomad/hacked PSP/one of those awesome lil things sold in Argos (resisted buying one of those because I don’t believe it has the full Sonic 3&Knuckles on it).
    Hope it makes good use of the DS’ multiplayer capabilities =)

  2. This is probably a good thing considering how few games there are on it, and since we already have lots of collections for the main consoles already… and the Live/PSN/Nintendo… shop.

    I only hope some effort is made to actually make the game work well instead of just happy slapping it all onto a DS cart.

  3. This surely will be awesome, I hope the controls are just as tight as they were on the MegaDrive (unlike Mega Collection+)

  4. Yep, DS is the only place that is in need of some classic Sonic action, especially as this finally brings S3&K to the portable world! Also makes the DS the best place to go for 2D Sonic games (well, as long as you’ve got a DS that can play GBA games anyway – then you’re set!).

  5. You know, you don’t have to have a hacked PSP to play those games? Sega Mega Drive collection that was out on PS2 a few years back also came out on PSP, I own it ^^ So people saying that hacked is the only way, not… totally true. It does only have Sonic 1 and 2, which is all I really want anyway, but that’s still something ^^

    Anyway, definitely probably gonna pick this up. One collection per console, that’s the rule =)

  6. Wonderful! S3&K in handheld form! This is on my “must get” list!

    Wait a minute… This means I’ll have to get the Super Emeralds again! DAMNIT!!!

  7. I really don’t think that this compilation will be worth the while; after all, how many times have we seen Sonic retro packs containing games from the Legacy era? Considering the amount of times that I’ve been forced to suffer malignantly awful emulation at the hand of cheap-ass re-releases, it’s no wonder that I’m sceptical; I’ve paid for too many versions of Sonic 1, so it’s a dead cert that I won’t be shelling £30+ for yet another. Besides, MegaDrive emulation on the DS is nothing new; homebrewers have been releasing software to accomplish this task for an absolute age now, so I’ll turn to them for my portable Sonic fix!

  8. Awww, on the DS? No way! That’s awesomeeee

    Super Emeralds were easy to get, but you had to do all the special stages 3 times for each of the characters.. still , who’s complaining? They were fun.

  9. That’s really good news!!

    Now I don’t have to argue with my mom to let me play some Wii. 😛

  10. What Indigo Rush said.

    Hopefully its a cool little hud for each game and not some lame SAVE, LOAD, EXIT. menu.
    Moving around artwork with the stylus could be cool

  11. Well, that’s cool.

    I’ll just put that game on reserve & I’ll have all Sonic collections on all systems.

    Now, how about shooting for a new Sonic game for the PSP?

    Or better yet, some deets on Sonic Chronicles 2?

    Just a thought…

  12. Maybe they’ll split the screen into 2? Can’t have all that action just going on in one screen right?

    @ Angel C : A Sonic Chronicles 2 trailer in the game would be awesome 🙂 They really need to give us something

  13. Don’t think I’ll be getting this, seeing as I already have all the Sonic games emulated on my PSP anyway. The only thing that will tempt me will be if it has some awesome exclusive feature, but I really don’t see that happening.

  14. YES! Thought so. Hopefully they’ll just port the games over onto DS this time, rather than trying to remake them from scratch like they did with Sonic Genesis on GBA.

  15. great news. will definitely get it so long as they don’t gimp it somehow…

    (still waiting for the next sonic rush… is that too much to ask for???)

  16. I’m split by this news. While its great to see a Retro pack like this coming to the DS half of me feels that SEGA are just milking its old games just to make some money, I mean how many retro Sonic packs do we need? Still Sonic 16bit games asre classics and as long as the emulation is spot on then thats all that really matters but I do hope SEGA put in other things as well the collection like box art and other Mega Drive games like Ristar, Comix Zone like they did with past collections so that it makes it money well spent.

    Also I think this would be a great opportunity to include the ofter forgotten SEGA Sonic arcade game on the pack. I think the DS touch screen would make a perfect substitute for the arcade games track ball control.

  17. I only hope some effort is made to actually make the game work well instead of just happy slapping it all onto a DS cart.

    Hahahaha Casanova I just imagined a teenage youth going into SEGA’s office. Taking Sonic and happy slapping him into a DS cartridge.


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