SEGA’s guide to destroying rare Sonic merchandise: Part one

SEGA’s guide to destroying rare Sonic merchandise: Part one

While on my own merch expedition through the darkest depths of the interwebs, I stumbled across these rare jewels of advertisement from the Sonic Adventure era. I cry at the thought that these plushes were thrown out of planes and down waterfalls, even if the dialogue is hillarious.


It’s true what they say you know…every time you feed a rare plush to a crocodile, a Sonic merch collector drops dead…

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Adam Tuff

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  1. This means that somewhere in the Jungle, there is a crocodile which has a Sonic plushie in it’s belly… Find this lizzard we must!

  2. Anyone who ACTUALLY gave a crap about that plushy needs to go jump off a bridge. It was much more amusing to watch those crocs go Temple of Doom on its spiny ass.

  3. It’s pretty funny, but T-Bird has a point. Those plush can easily be worth several hundred dollars now, depending on the character.

  4. lol, gotta love this commercial.

    Lucky me, I have that Tails Plush, got it back in either 1999 or 2000 😛

  5. I have one of those Chao plushies.. *wonders how much they fetch on eBay nowadays*

    Good stuff 🙂
    You know whats especially scary?
    Sega Rally is still the best and highest rated racing game 😛

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