Phantasy Star Zero arrives in stores

Phantasy Star Zero arrives in stores

Phantasy Star 0, the newest entry in Sonic Team’s long running RPG series, has finally arrived in stores. While it technically shipped on Tuesday, it has only just recently begun arriving in stores over the last few days. The game is an online RPG for the DS, created in the same vein as Sonic Team’s renowned Phantasy Star Online series, featuring four player online co-op, complete with a chat function so you can talk during battles. The launch trailer is posted below:


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  1. I was that close to ordering the japanese version.. the shop took 2 weeks to get it from Japan, so I canceled my order.. the english version is now out *sigh* but for some reason, I just can’t be buggered picking it up.
    It looks fantastic, I loved PSO and a very big kudos to Sega for translating it. You SHOULD pick it up.

  2. Can’t wait to pick this up some time soon. But M&L3, KH358/2 and Scribblenauts are a little higher up on my list.

  3. @ TheOGB

    You have to get M&L3!!! It is amazing, and I might dare say it has become my fav RPG. Funny, absorbing but most importantly not a leveling up grind fest.

    On the Phantasy Star Zero side of things it does look tempting. Though I have to remind myself that Sega are well trained to fool the consumer with CG and animated cutscenes (heck a lot of companies are). I’ll wait for a good review and then consider it.

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