JV247’s Video Interview with Sumo Digital’s Craig Duncan

JV247’s Video Interview with Sumo Digital’s Craig Duncan


French gaming website JV247 have recently interviewed Sumo Digital’s Craig Duncan about Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing which you can check out in the video above.

In the interview Craig reveals –
– His favourite playable character is an unannounced old classic character
– When talking about Sonic Team he mentioned there is an unnanounced IP in the game.
– Downloadable content is a possibility.
– You earn SEGA Miles through in races which you can use to buy music, new tracks, characters and artwork.
– The final character and track list is a combination of what both Sumo Digital and SEGA wanted in. Each of them had to drop some of their choices.
– Alot of attention has been spent to detail on each IP so it’s perfect for the IP owners and the fans.
– Wii Wheel control is quote “excellent and we’ve just got that to the point where it’s starting to feel really good. A big fan of that”.
– Some new Sonic concept art behind him and parts of Tails concept art to the left.

JV247 Video interview link

Thanks to NinMicroSega at the SSMB for the link and thanks to Dusk the Crypt Keeper at the SSMB for converting the video to YouTube format.

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  1. Artwork and character bios/lists of previous games makes me 100% more happy! I love Sega history, and I’m glad that they’re giving some behind the scenes and real-life background info in the game. ­čśÇ

  2. As always, love to see the concept art, and glad to hear it’ll be appearing as an unlockable item =)

  3. Old unannounced classic character?! I really hope it’s going to be ristar, he needs to appear in a new game! =)

  4. Hmmm. I guess we won’t be getting unlockable extra vehicles for characters? Bummer.

    Also, Craig, I see you are rocking a new Mario and Sonic shirt there. Niiice.

  5. Hmm… Well then. We might actually be in for a good time. I sure hope they’re being serious about this being a better Mario Kart as they’re making this out to be.

  6. I wouldn’t say it’s a comeback (in my mind, Sega never went away), but I can see SASAR becoming a great game in defining Sega for current gen gamers. Bringing together IPs both new and old, and showcasing Sega’s greats really gives a face to the company (rather than being “that company that occasionally makes a Sonic game and published Iron Man”)

  7. Hello, im sorry this is off topic but i didnt know where to post it.

    I wanted to apologize, in the past i have gone to these forums and i have started randomly talking about how Ryan Drummond should still voice Sonic.

    This isnt the place for that. Im sorry.

    I should express my views on my own website and such.

    Once again im sorry, i just feel like my childhood hero was taken away from me when they changed the voice.
    So naturally i want to try to get the original guy back.

  8. *sigh*Im glad.I loved what I just watched but I stillhaveyet to hear IF NIGHTS WILL APPEAR.Im come on.You cant have a side sonic game without nights.XP

  9. I forgot to add what if Nights is the exclusive character for the wii like they have for every other game system(Banjo Kazoo for the 360 and Ratchet and Clank for the PS3 and maybe Mario for the DS lol)

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