How I Celebrated My “Sonic 2sday”

How I Celebrated My “Sonic 2sday”


I know that this blog post runs a little late, but right after my “Sonic 2sday” festivities, I boarded a plane and went home for Thanksgiving.  I was unable to get any of these pictures (or this story, for that matter) up due to turkey-induced funtime.  With that said, I hope that everybody had a fantastic and safe holiday weekend.

With it being another Sonic 2sday and all, I decided to call people over to celebrate.  What sucks was that most people had all left my little college town for Thanksgiving break, which started that day.  Despite only two people there to experience the retro-themed get-together, it was still a fun time.

1124092033-00My friends Ben and Jon went to the “SEGA Shelf” (pictured at left) and brought out the Genesis.  We did a few two-player games before busting into the main game.  At this time, Ben decided that we needed beer.  Great idea or greatest idea?

I don’t know if it was all the beer or the fact that we were playing the game on an actual Genesis on “Sonic 2sday,” but it felt really awesome playing Sonic 2 that night.  I took some mental trips down memory lane, recalling all the times that we played Sonic 2 through snow days, holidays, and with friends.  Then, there were the moments where we laughed at each other so hard that it hurt, like getting killed by Coconuts or falling in that inescapable spike pit in Mystic Cave.  It was a pleasant feeling, to say the least.

1124092108-00When the beer was nearly gone, we had just escaped the Death Egg.  That evocative, catchy tune played and Tails hopped into his plane to save Sonic from falling.  When the credits rolled, it was a moment captured in time.  While it felt great to feel called back to childhood, it was an even better feeling that a game 17 years old could bring friends together for another night of entertainment.

(Then, we got some McChickens and water at McDonald’s to subdue all the alcohol.)

Aaaaaanywaaaaayyy… a small gallery of my night is below.  Did you guys celebrate Sonic 2sday?  If so, how did you?  Tell me in the comments below.

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  1. im jealous… my genesis is at my grandparents house… that night i played it on my laptop using a KEGA emulator (somehow it felt… oddly awesome in a totally different way seeing it full screen across a 1080p display…) my older brother (who isn’t anywhere near as into sonic as i am) just stared as i blazed through all the levels pressing my “that was easy button” every time i beat a boss or special stage (my android phone has a “that was easy” app XD) either way it was balls to the wall epic and a satisfying way to celebrate what was my first video game’s b-day

  2. Sonic on the Genny! The best way to play! I tried the Jam and Mega Collection version on the hdtv, but was inevitably drawn to the Genesis in the back room. Sure the tv was twice as small, but the game was twice as awesome. 😀

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