Happy 17th Birthday, Sonic 2!

Happy 17th Birthday, Sonic 2!


We have had a lot of Sonic 2 stories on TSS lately, what with it launching on new platforms and going on sale.  Yesterday, a TSS staffer reminded me that today was the 17th anniversary of the NA/EU release date of Sonic 2.  It all made sense then.  Let’s take a trip down memory lane again, eh?

With Sonic 1 establishing a rabid fanbase waiting for the next game in the series, the announcement of Sonic 2 made myself and the rest of the gaming world go bananas.  When November 24th, 1992 came around, my uncle was one of the first in line (he’s only 15 years older than I am and he owned the Genesis… it was like having a much cooler older brother).  Once we got back to his place, “Sonic 2sday” became one of the best days ever.

There was a new character in Miles “Tails” Prower, a new move, a plethora of new stages, new enemies, new bosses, and fantastic music.  There was also a 2 player mode that we could not stop playing!  We couldn’t ask for anything more.  We played it for about three days straight.

Years later, I’d stumble across this dank corner of the internet known as the Sonic community.  Prototypes uncovered lost levels and added to the mystique and grandeur of the game.  I was playing Sonic 2 all over again to experience what could have been.

In celebration of today, we ask you to check out our recently recovered Sonic 2 section.  Videos and screenshots await you.

I’ll leave it at the following video, the famous 3D version of the Sonic 2 ending that we’ve shown here a few times:


Glorious.  The Sonic Stadium is interested in your memories of Sonic 2 and “Sonic 2sday.”  Please share them with us in the comments below.

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  1. Yes, happy birthday!

    And happy birthday to Tails and Super Sonic as well! You both rock seriously hard!

  2. I’m re writing a script for a stop animation film based off of the game right now, actually! Haha, I’ve had plenty of good times with Sonic 2.. I’ve had plenty of fun doing the co-op play with my friends, always trying so hard to get through the special stages, activating debug mode. It’s a lot of fun and is defiantly one of my favorites!

  3. first video game i ever had… and.. consequently… what got me hooked on sonic for the rest of my life

  4. Now there’s something I’m thankful for on Thanksgiving…

    Sonic & Tails: The best team to enter gaming consoles since…

    Well, I wouldn’t say Mario & Luigi…

    Nintendo had the 2 player set up like a rival format or something, but… you get the idea.

  5. Wow i cant believe that this game is the same age as me, i was born on 25th Of Nov 92 Strange how i got into the game when it came out day after i was born Lol ^___^ Fate brought me to sonic 2 XD

  6. I say this year-in, year-out but one of the oldest Sonic memories I have is getting the 7 Chaos Emeralds for the first time. 50 rings and a jump later; “Oh my God! He’s gone yellow!”

    Then a 5 year old child got very hyperactive.

  7. Sonic 2…the first game I ever played and owned, I could easily say that the cartridge can be considered my most beloved treasure in life.

  8. 1996….my 2nd B’day, I get a MegaDrive (handmedown) and Sonic 2. Couldn’t really play properly til I was 3, and couldn’t beat Chemical Plant zone till I was 4, but goddamn was that an awesome game….Nostalgia FTW

  9. I remember playing Sonic 2 when I was living in Switzerland on the day the Disney Channel was being launched. My parents were calling me down, it was a big TV event. I was like “in a minute!!” =D

  10. well i am pretty late in the sonic franchise but this game is THAT awesome you can have a 1. play today and it is still fantastic

  11. Sonic 2 is an awesome game. I remember when I first played it at a friend’s house. Great memories. Me and my friend have had so many awesome 2 player games on it and we still enjoy it just as much today. Happy birthday Sonic 2.

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 2!!! HAPPY 2SDAY!!! 😀 to celebrate I’m going to buy Sonic Ultimate Genesis Collection for the Xbox360 nad the first game I’m gonna play will be Sonic 2 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀
    For celebration I’m currently playing (again) Sonic The Hedgehog for the Xbox360º (Sonic 06)

    HAPPY 2SDAY !!!

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