First4Figures Teases New Model

First4Figures Teases New Model

metal-f4f1 metal-f4f2

First4Figures has posted these teaser images on its Facebook page, challenging their readers to guess what new model is currently in production. Judging by the images, all signs point to a classic Metal Sonic figurine. Of course, First4Figures isn’t saying anything right now, and the company has been known to make figures based on other computer game franchises such as Zelda and Metroid, so it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s Sonic related.

But still, doesn’t that look insanely similar to Metal Sonic’s head, or what?

No other information – release date, price – is known about the upcoming product. TSS has contacted First4Figures for more information on when this new model will be fully revealed.

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  1. hmmm, too much metal Sonic lately, first the juvi then the 10 inch. Now this. He’s not my favorite character, yet I feel obligated to buy his merchandise (just like the Werehog). Plus that 10 inch Metal sonic… knees and elbows don’t bend? Kind of annoying that they’d sculpt on joints that don’t do anything, plus the thumbs break off easily. They should start making some different characters like Nack, Jet and Vector.

  2. @Sonictoast

    How can you say theres too much Metal Sonic when we’ve only had two pieces both exclusive to America after around a 10 year gap in any Metal Sonic merch….

  3. Yep. Thats TOTALLY not metal :3

    I’d totally get this if I had the money! Well After I got the Sonic,Tails and Knux!

  4. sonictoast, the 10 inch Metal Sonic figure does have bendable elbows and knees, but they tend to be really stif at first. During the manufacturing process, paint sometimes gets in the joints and clogs things up. You just have to use quite a bit of force (while being careful not to break it). Mine was really stiff, too, until I tried pushing the joints really hard.

  5. That’s one very nice-looking Metal, and we’ve only had the side of his head and the back of his neck.

    That says a lot.

  6. ..Blaze? Never really got that idea ^^;

    But I had to agree that Metal Sonic has appeared way too often lately compared with the others. I’m still waiting for a Silver figure on top of that ):

  7. I emailed F4F a week ago to ask about the Sonic wii remote holder and if they had plans for any new models and they replied with

    Thank you for your email. We plan to make some more 5” PVC models, a new statue in the 12″ resin figure range and some new 2” mini statues as well. At the moment, the Sonic wii remote holder has been put on hold for the time being”

    100% Sure thats metal and if so have 3 more to be announced.. Calling it. 5″ = Amy, Metal, Eggman 12″= Metal

  8. Obviously the previous set did pretty good, which is awesome. I’m hoping this means Eggman and Amy are in the works too, those two DEFINATELY need to be in figure form.

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