Chris Lewis’s Site Blocked Public Access After ASR Leak

Chris Lewis’s Site Blocked Public Access After ASR Leak

S&SASR Xbox 360 box art

Look’s like someone revealed something they shouldn’t have, namely the above image. After yesterdays revelation of this ‘work in progress’ Sonic & SEGA All Stars box art Chris Lewis’s site has been blocked, no doubt by Sumo Digital and SEGA Europe.

Using the ‘down for everyone or just me’ tool you can see the site is blocked from everyone.

The mysterious disappearance of the website appears to add credibility to the fact that the image is leaked, but as with all things we can never be too sure. We just won’t be surprised if a popular bear/bird combination actually does appear in the game. The question is, WILL YOU?

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  1. Don’t you wish they did these kind of shenanigans with Needlemouse?

    Ah… SEGA, you so silly.

  2. Thanks Shad for posting this. Hopefully it will help people understand that there originally was a source.

  3. still no description on the back seems odd…but I think it’s true
    hell why can’t something from project needlemouse be leaked!

  4. Oddly enough is down for everyone because of a python error. Not that it matters much, a 403 on Chris Lewis’s site just after this leak should be very suggestive of a DMCA-style takedown request (not really sure how that goes in the UK).

  5. Something is always leaked early when it comes to Sega.. it’s probably no coincidence.
    Hopefully they can keep a tight seal on Needlemouse to avoid having ½ the community chuck a spaz because it’s not what they wanted.

  6. Actually a lot of game companies have their material leaked; Halo 2 for example had the entire game leaked and pirated before the game itself game out! Meh, it happens.

  7. I hope that there are no leaks for Needlemouse, I’m slowly growing to hate leaks of information about games.

  8. Now we’re being secretive? That just screams “We’re trying to surprise everyone with total awesomeness!”

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