Best Buy Black Friday: Buy A 360, Get “Sonic 360”

Best Buy Black Friday: Buy A 360, Get “Sonic 360”


Hey, my American brosks, I have good news.  Sonic the Hedgehog for the X360 is now at a “best buy:” free.

On Black Friday, that famed day after Thanksgiving where mothers kill each other over a laughing muppet, those in the U.S. can head on down to Best Buy and get an X360 Elite and six games, including the infamous Sonic the Hedgehog.

Xbox 360 bundle: Numerically, Best Buy pulled together an even better deal for gamers eying a new Xbox 360. But reviews may say differently. This Black Friday deal includes the high-end Elite console and six games, all for $299. The Xbox itself is a great value, with more online features than the PS3, a larger catalog of games, and a higher install base – so more of your friends are likely to own one. But the six selected games are a little weak. Here’s the list (with review scores from Metacritic): Sonic the Hedgehog (46 percent), Spider Man: Web of Shadows (68), Wall-E (50), LEGO Batman (76), Pure (85), Ghost Recon 2 (86).

So, if you don’t own a X360, want one, and like this game, you can get it at a steal with the purchase of a console.  If you don’t own a X360, want one, and are curious to play this trainwreck, then it’s at a reasonable price of zero dollars and zero cents.

[Via Christian Science Monitor]
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  1. I want Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, but I’d rather have a PS3 than a 360 (better tech). Not sure if I’d really want Sonic 06, but it’s hard to complain about a free game (especially one I haven’t really played).

  2. “I guess paying no money is better than paying some money.”

    How about them paying us money (I’m sure the game would fly off shelves then).

  3. Drat, too late.. getting a 360 in a week or so :/
    But 06 is $12.. so its all good

    There are a couple of Sonic black friday specials, Mario & Sonic 2 + $10 gift card at Target for $50 .. Sonic Chronicles for $10 also at Best Buy.. etc

  4. @Thomas Daly

    Not to mention the worst Sonic game ever.

    I’m suprised someone hasn’t proclaimed Sonic 06 as the best Sonic game ever and flamed whoever said it was crap.

    You all suck!! Sonic 06 is the bestest Sonic game of all time!! Silver makes me wet!

  5. @sonicyoda

    Please tell me you are being sarcastic or just quoting someone else….

    I don’t know how anyone can defend such a broken game. And though Silver has a decent design is voice was far too annoying.

  6. You know what I would like…
    The first playable demo of the game.
    Search: “Lol when we all thought this was going to be good” in youtube and you will feel the same.

    That demo was so awesome. The SEGA took out the hedgehog engine, added a stupid story and ruined the game.

  7. Are they seriously still marketing that game? If they want to sell it, they need to make a new version of it with the glitches out and the controls improved. The story is fine to me. I don’t see what’s wrong with it.

  8. I bet a demo would really be better than the whole game. I mean, it’s just as glitchy and unfinished, but at least you only play ONE sonic level rather than playing every level! It’s less pain! And it’s free! (o wait the full game is free anyway xp) And you don’t have to play for the achievements!

  9. Sounds interesting if i didnt already have both. And personally *Please dont shoot me* i really liked 06. I admit alot of it was pure and utter shit! But other bits were pretty good. The biggest thing i loved was Mephiles and how Super Sonic looked. And the story wasn’t half bad. I beleive the game had potential.

  10. @BassDS: Oh, you’re definitely the kidder, aren’t you? That game was so un-Sonicy and so ungodly terrible that it made Shadow the Hedgehog look like Sonic 2.

    @Hudson: The story is fine? Oh, most definitely. A faceless evil who looks too much like Shadow the hedgehog who combines himself with a fiery Godzilla clone to turn into the destroyer of the space time continuum while Sonic is having a love relationship with a human who gets to kiss him and pray to the Chaos Emeralds which leads to Silver the Hedgehog coming in to save the frakking day is the certainly a reasonable plot, right? If you pay attention amidst the mayhem you can seriously hear your IQ dropping slowly but surely.

  11. I’m looking forward to buying the 360 again just to play Sonic ’06 again ^_^
    I’m hoping to get this bundle as well…trade the games I don’t care about just to get Sonic Unleashed.
    I actually enjoyed it.

    I really don’t understand that people here are getting their opinions bashed just because they liked the game… geez…
    Especially Greg The Cat… he hated the game, good for him. He has no right to bash on Hudson just because he liked the story… also bashing at BassDS…
    I too liked the story. :/
    Please…THOSE ARE OPINIONS, GREG… changing what they think to think like you isn’t gonna make things any good…
    didn’t this site mention that it is useless to attack other’s opinions?
    yeah… >_>

    Anyway, can’t wait for Christmas to finally play again…

  12. Believe me I’m not kidding. I enjoy that game. I loved exploiting the purple gem that shrunk you and the gem that slowed the clock down for Sonic to go for S Ranks. And this is coming from someone whose been with the franchise since ’91.

  13. I wish this deal would have been around in 06, I bought a 360 just for Sonic 06 and returned the game a week later. It was pure and utter crap and Sega should feel ashamed for ever producing it.

  14. I like sonic 06, If your not a nerd you will just ignoor the slightly lower frame rate and tiny glitches in some places. Some times knowing less about games makes you enjoy them more. Thats why I liked sonic 06 when I didnt even know what lagg was and am not nerdy enough not to engoy it now!

  15. I liked it even though the loading screen took forever and the terrible glitches here and there. It was fun.

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