[UPDATE] ASR Wii/DS Controls Revealed, No Mii Support

[UPDATE] ASR Wii/DS Controls Revealed, No Mii Support

ASR Wii 3

[UPDATE] Sumo Digital staffer Steve Lycett AKA S0L has just revealed in the comments section that the DS version will have multiple control schemes and the Wii version will also have Classic Controller support. [/END UPDATE]

French Sonic fansites Eversonic.fr and Planete Sonic got to try out all four console versions of Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing recently. In Eversonic’s preview two control schemes are revealed Wii Remote and Nunchuk and Wii Wheel support, so if your not into motion control at least you have another option. No details on wether the Gamecube Controller will be another option.

In Planete Sonic’s preview it is revealed that the Wii version will not support Mii’s, so those that like a more personal experience and would like to have themselves race against their favourite SEGA character are out of luck.

Planete Sonic also reveal that the DS version will be controlled using the buttons but one odd control choice is that the R button will be used to accelerate which according to them could cause give you a cramp.

Let us know what you think of these developments in the comments.


  1. DS version has multiple control schemes, so I’d not worry about that one, we are planning Classic Controller support on Wii 🙂


  2. @ SOL
    Oh cool, that’s good to hear. Will edit the article.

    Any word you can reveal on wether the game will have Gamecube Controller support?

  3. HOLAS: ™

    @ SOL

    Can we have a 1970’s trousers mode for DLC?

    What? I Support the idea D:

    *Pictures Big the cat in 1970’s trousers*

    *Goes to Google to find what a 1970’s trouser is*


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