Archie’s Sonic Universe No.10 Preview

Archie’s Sonic Universe No.10 Preview

Archie Comic’s have released a preview of Issue number 10 of Sonic Universe, the 2nd part of it’s 4 part series focused on Knuckles and the Chaotix.

Here is an excerpt, the cover and first 5 pages they’ve revealed –

“Echoes of the Past Part Two”: As Knuckles’ friends try to valiantly defend the Master Emerald against a seemingly never-ending horde of robots, Knuckles delves deeper into the mysteries surrounding him… until he finally finds Dr. Finitevus! Knuckles is bent on revenge, but he’s not counting on the surprise twist that will delay his quest. You can’t afford to miss this exciting, action-packed issue!

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  1. Gah, I gotta go to the comic shop and catch up.. hope the Iron Queen biz got what was coming to her 😀

  2. and again i feel incredible ashamed to watch that illegal on youtube because i can’t buy these comics here
    ” waits for project needlemouse infos

  3. @Eggman123: Your not the only one. I know of a site that has these for download. I read the whole sonic x series.


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