Sweepstakes: The Winners

Sweepstakes: The Winners

Thanks to everyone who tuned in to TSS’ Birthday special on The Sonic Hour. We ended up with a great show with some good atmosphere in the chatroom. You didn’t have to tune in to SSR to know who won, though; I have the list right here. Congratulations to the following peeps, in no particular order:

  • SKrown – Sonic Rivals 2 on PSP
  • Reyn LeBeau – Mario and Sonic Super Pack (courtesy of SEGA)
  • Chelsea Noke – Sonic Car Sticker
  • John Elliot – Signed Archie #195
  • Tony Mattingly – Homemade CD Clock
  • Alex Smith – UniQlo Sonic Adventure ‘Hands’ T-Shirt
  • Ellie Finch – Sonic Jam (Japanese Version) for Sega Saturn
  • Angel C – Sonic & Knuckles Collection on PC
  • Ryan Nurse – Sonic Archives Vol. 1
  • Amelia Hansson – Sonic X Book
  • Jag Singh – Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog VHS
  • Yannick Daly – SONIC PANTSU

Unlucky to those who didn’t win anything, but that’s the luck of the draw! And double-unlucky to poor Yannick, who won our fabulous booby prize of a boy’s (4-5 years) size of white pants featuring a picture of Sonic on the front. Hopefully you won’t be too disturbed by the arrival of the prize.

The rowdy crowd in the chatroom were so nutty that they ordered us to give away the bags in which we contained the prize and entrant names in. These bags were nothing special – a plastic Forbidden Planet bag and a clear T-Shirt shrink wrap. Anders Muskens won the former and Zacharie Palmer won the latter, FYI – but only if you guys really want it. You know, honestly, what could you do with a piece of plastic rubbish?

The Sonic Hour Episode 506: “Super Sonic Underpants” will be added to the podcast in little over 10/20 minutes. Nominees for the Sonic Site Awards 2009 will appear later tonight, along with the opening of entry polls for you to begin your voting!

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  1. Omg! Sonic Rivals 2! oAo Me and my little brother will be over the moon, now that we’ll have a great game when we got our PSP next Spring!

    Thank you for the wonderful gift, TSS!

  2. lol, good times yesterday, really wish I put my name in though for the draws, I really wanted to win the PANTSU

  3. Oh, and did you guys saw all those M&S Winter Games merchandises displayed on Sega Blognik? Could they be in the prize pack? :O

  4. Oh… Oh!…

    Holy SPIT!

    Are you serious?!

    I won something!

    No Frickin’ Way!

    Ha, Ha!

    Thank You!

    This will be a sweet addition to my Sonic collection.

    Once again, thank you.

    BTW: I live in Brooklyn.

    That’s New York.

    That’s in the USA.

    So, shenanigans… REJECTED!

    Also, check out my MySpace page: MySpace.com/AngelCam7 to check out my Sonic comic series, The MISAdventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.

    Thank you and good night and/or day.

  5. ^ Yeah yeah, they’re probably giving your accounts a promotion to say that ๐Ÿ˜›

    *sigh* I swear to gawd, apart from a boxed copy of Sonic CD PC .. I’ve never won anything in my life ๐Ÿ™

    Grats to you winnahs!

    So what’s up next?

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