UPDATE: Sonic To Appear On Channel 5’s The Gadget Show

UPDATE: Sonic To Appear On Channel 5’s The Gadget Show

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(UPDATE: Haven’t watched the show myself yet(have it recorded) but reports are coming in that Mario won in the end. UPDATE end)

We’re a little last minute with this but Sonic is set to appear on tonights edition of The Gadget Show in the UK on Channel 5. There will be a section of the show where Sonic and Mario will be pitted against eachother in some way or form for a place on their gaming wall of fame.

The Sonic part of this event is in credit to Archangel UK, Sonic Wrecks and SEGA. To see who wins this battle check out the show on Channel 5 at approximately 8pm tonight.


  1. Awesome! Big fan of the show, been wondering if Mario vs Sonic would qualify for their regular wall of fame feature at some point. But yeah, they’ll probably name Mario as the winner. Still, should be good.

  2. It’s interesting that if Sonic were to win, there’d probably be a lot of old school gamers watching giving a big “WTF?”, but if Mario were to win, even as Sonic fans, we’re so used to Mario generally being considered just about better that it probably wouldn’t be that big a deal to most of us. Just a sweeping observation.

    Hopefully they’ll focus on the classics of both series anyway, since that’s actually when they were competing with each other. The competition between them isn’t anywhere near as potent now as it was then, so I guess it’s not really that relevant for the more recent releases. Hopefully – at least then Sonic will have more of a fighting chance!

    I’m betting Jason will be backing Mario and Otis will be behind Sonic.

  3. Just saw the results. I did think that Mario would win, but still the argument for Sonic was pretty neat. Bonus points for the old-skool knowledge, and calling his nemesis Dr. Robotnik! But why on earth did they use the GBA Sonic 1 to show the game?! I didn’t realise it was that JERKY! Stilll, interesting stuff and worth watching.

  4. Yep, as we suspected, Mario won, down to his recent successes, largely. Still it’s always nice to see Sonic on TV and the facts were largely accurate.

  5. Mario won. NOOO! I think they should have considered FANBASE. Because Sonic’s MUST be naturally larger than Mario’s. But personally, I think they both should have been on, regardless of what they say.

  6. It made me laugh that the bald guys reason for mario to win was because hes more recognised WTH?
    People recognise dog cr*p when they see it, that doesnt make it popular.

  7. I wonder how much dosh Nintendo paid for The Gadget Show to cough up that result…

    Of course, Sonic’s chances were seriously damaged by his recent lack of publicity and by the fact that SEGA aren’t in the console business anymore – it was hardly a fair contest. Nintendo have the Wii, but the big S has nothing to promote their character’s games with!

  8. sonictoast: Sorry, but I don’t really know how.

    Don’t worry though, someone’s bound to do it sooner or later.

  9. Ahh, not too bothered with the results. Mario won fair and square, and he’s already a prominent piece of video game history, having started a lot of video game and platformer clichés. Me? All I did was spawn some holy (Crash) and some unholy (Bubsy) imitations… and create some awesome soundtracks, but there was no way I could stand up to the little Italian dude who literally started it all.

    I’m still kicking his ass in the snowboarding trials, though. To each his own, I guess! I was always better at this racing thing…

  10. Oh how i would love to blow them all down when they say mario wins.RAWR That fat plumber has had it to gud for to long.(That goes for you too nintendo.xD)

  11. My favourite part was when they said the Mega Drive was released to compete with the SNES. Some quality journalism there. *Confuses TurboGrafx with SNES for ever more*

  12. @Niko-Plus

    If Sonic’s fanbase is larger it is due only to the fact that he has that cool factor. His games have been pretty average of late.

    I’ve recorded the show and I’m gonna watch it on a day when my parents aren’t hogging the tv.

  13. Seems more than a coincidence that they hold this on the week of Winter Olympic’s release – oddly Sonic also popped up on another UK show this evening. Check out Electric Dreams episode 3 (all about the 90s) on BBC iPlayer where Sonic is briefly referenced as the significant gaming icon that he was back then (and Mario, too). There’s even a snippet of a news report about him (taking the typical TV news opinion that games are bad).

  14. Haha! I don’t even know what this is!XD Is this some kind….of show or is it something about games or….what the heck is it….^^;

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