Sonic the Hedgehog Encyclopedia now taking Pre-Orders!

Sonic the Hedgehog Encyclopedia now taking Pre-Orders!

encyc and are now talking pre-orders for a Sonic comic universe Guide!

Over Sonic’s eighteen years of life, his Universe has expanded at an exponential rate, and any fan arriving in 2009 in a time machine from 1993 would be overwhelmed with the incredible number of flourescent friends and egg-shaped enemies the hedgehog has accumulated to date. In my old age I’m also loosing track of who some of these characters are too! Well, according to and, the folks at Archie are looking to remedy this situation by releasing the “Sonic the Hedgehog Who’s Who” Volume One Encyclopedia, a comprehensive reference to the characters, places and storylines from the comic series that is now close to 300 issues all told including special issues and spin-off story arcs. Fans of Archie comics will no doubt be happy to see something like this produced, however fans looking for something more universal spanning the games, UK comics and TV series will probably be a little disappointed.

UK fans can pre-order their copy for £11.99 from Amazon, while the Yanks once again get the cheaper deal and can order theirs for a modest $13.57. And Mutsky was the name Sonic’s dog…I still remember that at least.

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With a decade under his belt, Adam is one of The Sonic Stadium's most seasoned writers, with interests in the music and merchandise of the Sonic the Hedgehog universe. Adam is the co-organiser for the Summer of Sonic convention.


  1. Yeah, it’s slightly disappointing that it’s only the Archie Universe and not the games. For fans of Archie comics though it can only be a good thing. I won’t be buying it though, lol.

  2. I think this is great. The Archie continuity already has a hug universe with more characters for any human to remember them all. If they were to include all the Fleetway characters, Underground characters, AoSTH characters and game characters, the book would probably be so big it would cost $100.

    Plus when Archie sticks to their own universe you can trust the information is accurate. I am totally buying this when it comes out.

  3. [yawns] Another milking of a failing comic. How joyus. I’d much rather have something that covers, y’know, everything rather than the Archie Comics. [shudder]

  4. Oh great… now we’re gonna have more n00bs saying that whatever happens in the Archie comics, is true while the games have false stories…. :/

    I’m not getting it.
    I really don’t like the stories in Archie comics…
    They make Sonic weak, Sally Acorn is a Mary-sue and etc.

    Oh well…more conflicts ahoy. -_-;

  5. For all you nay sayers.. in every recent issue of the Archie series, they start by stating that their world is different to that of the Sega games.
    I’ve been reading since the very beginning (Issue ¼) and it’s a Love it or Hate it thing.
    If you don’t enjoy it, that’s fine, I myself on the other hand love the series, the unique characters (it’s true, they have so many to keep track of) the stories and upcoming issues.

    My comic shop’ll no doubt have it eventually since they have all the archive volumes and back issues

  6. This will make for a good read….. I read the Archie comic’s, I do so lighty with a pinch of salt at all times (but I have to say in my opinion the Shadow in the Archie comic is way better than the Shadow in the games)…. but what I REALLY want is, ether a new version of Sonic the Comic or release them on the internet or something…….

  7. Sweeeeeeeeeeet. If this has images of every character, I’ll finally have a ton of references for this comic and some more plot information on it. XD

    *is quite content embracing every continuity and character, no matter their critical reception or visual appearance*

  8. The thing is…

    -the games don’t really require half a brain to understand. They don’t need an encyclopedia, because if you don’t have the games, it won’t matter, and if you do have the games, the characters are so emotionless and stale anyway that an encyclopedia for them would be a waste.
    -the archie series is pretty much based off the SatAM cartoon, so that’s checked off. Sonic X was a piece of shit and the only additions to the show (like the humans and Eggman’s other robots) would be a waste of paper and ink. Sonic underground was okay, but to be honest, it didn’t survive long enough to matter, imo.
    -Fleetway…I personally don’t give a crap about the series, and I doubt including it in a US publication will really matter anywhere outside of the UK. Its not like it could even be used as advertising, since the comic isn’t being made anymore. This is an Archie publication, and I can’t see them being merciful enough to say “awww….okay…..we’ll add in Fleetway for everyone who liked it better than our own comic. Yeah right…

    So really, this should just stay an Archie-only thing. The universe is bigger than all the games combined, and they have no obligation to the Fleetway fans who criticize the Archie universe. I am an Archie fan, and I will be happy to pay for a copy of this. That’s all they need~

  9. I can see in the situation of an Encyclopedia, sonic’s archie comics series has more characters, situations, and more plot than the sonic games, but being a fan of both i can’t ever say no to a Sonic Game Encyclopedia.

  10. Based on the quality of the comics lately, this might be a nice, thoughtful, interesting book.
    Though, looking back at similar attempts Archie’s made the the past… those “data files” for instance… mmm… I’m apprehensive.

  11. This is what the Mobius wikipedia thing is for. Still, it’s nice to see this kind of merchandise.

  12. That looks pretty good.I wonder if my comic book provider knows about this yet.I will have to tell him to reserve me a copy when it is released.

  13. So, do you think Sonic will be listed under “S” for “Sonic the Hedgehog” or under “O” for “Olgilvie Maurice Hedgehog”. I guess they could just list him under “H” for “Hedgehog”. That would probably make the mos sense, but then all the characters would have to be ordered by last name. Sure am glad I’m not the one to have to make these decisions.

  14. lol, DarkNoise, the comic is Archie’s best selling book. If it where failing, they wouldn’t be “milking” it. Only things that do WELL are milked. The very definition of milking is squeezing every bit of success one can out of a successful franchise. You don’t see a lot of failed franchises getting milked, do you? Of course not. Archie would only loose that much more money if they where milking something thats failing. At the moment, the Archie comic is basically selling the same amount it did for half a decade, at around 30k.

    lol, Hedgy, this encyclopedia isn’t going to spawn noobs thinking the Archie stories are “true”. I’ve only ever seen game fans argue that only their canon is “true”. Fact is, they are all “true” because SEGA has heavy involvement in all of them.

    Ian doesn’t really care for Sonic’s “real” name. Since it was never explicity stated in the canon, expect him to be filed under Sonic ;).

  15. *groan*They huant me.I started ready acrhie when manic came in and since then ive been hooked.WTH DONT THAY JUST MIX IT UP WITH THE GAMES.That way itll b easier but dont do wat they did to Sonic X*barfs*VRY VRY FRUITY.But Cosmo was awsome xD.I hate mario but hes not going through this.He has a game and no problems(nex not discuss his gay show,ok)

  16. Man T, I would give you hugs and kisses for this info but I think a thanks will be more than enough.

    I pre-ordered a copy just a moment ago – it was a no brainer being a major fan of the comic series. It should be arriving by the time I turn 25 next year in April 2010 (for once I’ll treat myself to something for my birthday…)

    Thanks once again T, and to all of those who say the Sonic Archie series suck – shame on you!

  17. >>’ lunar sonic your spelling just ruined my day….

    anyways…i wouldn’t mind buying the encyclopedia, ive messed a ton of the issues released due to being grounded…and coming back for the most recent one just doesn’t work so well for me(Ive read them from age 6 to age 12 and missed about a year after that)
    hope this is a means of getting caught up otherwise ill leave it on the shelf, i prefer the games over the comics anyways

  18. I am 100% confident in saying that the Archie comics are the best Sonic Story line to this date. Better than Adventure 1 and 2. Way better than Sonic X and Sonic Underground. The Fleetway stories are pretty good, I’m just not a huge fan of their artwork all the time. So I much prefer the Archie comics over all.

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