Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing Playable At Micromania Games Show

Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing Playable At Micromania Games Show


SEGA of France will be showcasing Sumo Digital’s Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing at this years Micromania Games Show in Paris. The event will be running fromt October 30th until November 2nd and will start at the Grande Halle de la Villette. No information on format/s and development build/s have been released.

We’ll be hunting for information and media as soon as things get started and give you all the coverage we can so stay tuned to TSS throughout the event.

Planete Sonic

Will you be attending the event? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Never heard of the show to be honest.. Would be big news if it were the final version, that way most people can knock it down early by seeing poor quality footage on YouTube

  2. @Jix Hedgehog: It’s hard to decipher exactly what you’ve written, but by the sound of it, you have no high-hopes, do you? From what I saw at SOS09, it looked pretty solid to me.

  3. @Thomas

    I imagine the Wii version will be practically identical to the 360/PS3 versions, only with crappier graphics XD (That’s how Superstars Tennis was)

  4. @ Will

    for what I’ve heard from Sumo Digital, the’re are not gonna be graphical differences beetwen the Wii and the 360/PS3 versions

    anyway, since I live waaaay far away, unfortunately Im not going, but I will wait for the recorded footage on youtube, I would like to see some Billy Hatcher Gameplay

  5. Cool, only it seems no one here is going to be there. Still wanting to get the game though.

    @ Jix & Umiyuri:
    I think what was meant was how EVERY Sonic game gets criticized, because it’s Sonic. That & there’s the fans that get displeased by something little like “Why is Sonic in a car?”

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