Ryo Hazuki Features In All-Stars Racing

Ryo Hazuki Features In All-Stars Racing

Okay, so this is a Sonic the Hedgehog fansite. But we have a long history with the Dreamcast, Shenmue, and just SEGA in general. So it’s with some excitement that SEGA today revealed that Ryo Hazuki, the forklift driving wanderer endlessly looking for his father’s killer, is going to be a playable character in Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing.

Obviously the chap managed to find a way out of Guilin and stop what he was doing to race with Sonic. Racing on the motorbike found in Shenmue, it seems Hazuki’s power up involves hopping into his docklands forklift truck (…!!!!) and mowing down his opponents.

The only thing that could make this better is if the racing game had collectible capsule toys and Ryo’s dialogue consisted of finding sailors. Watch the announcement trailer below.

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  1. Thats the bike from the FIRST Shenmue, man! He rescued Naomi on it. And that’s not a pick up truck, it’s his epic fork lift!

    Call yerself a DC fan, BAH. A real fan wouldn’t get such critical details wrong!

    in other news, this is epic, you are almost as epic for posting this. I got some news for Mario and Sonic, but I think this deserves some time on top….

  2. Bout time they confirmed it! Sonic on facebook has been hinting at it for a month+, so it’s about time they just came out with it.
    Good stuff! Hope it leads up to Shenmue 3

  3. Cool! Vehicles he drove and did important stuff in? Neato. Good fan service for the fans of that game.

    Alright then…. When will we get to see Vectorman and Ristar now? Heck, when will we get to see Sketch Turner?

  4. i wanna play shenmue sooooooooooo bad.
    it must be like the 2nd best DC game after Sonic adventure (2)
    hope sega will release it for the psn and make a shenmue 3

  5. I hope they surprise us with an Archie Sonic character (Scourge) or Fleetway Super.

  6. wow peope sure is exigent

    Sega gave us a hand and fans want to take the whole arm
    at least be thankful that Ryo is in the game, or in others words…be thankful that Sumo is ACTUALLY listening to us

    @ Vinny:

    tell that to Sega, remember this is SUMO we’re talking about here
    you may see the game as boring and generic, I see it as the future most great fanservice racing game ever

  7. @Axl-fox: Well, Sonic fans have always demanded a lot – most of the time it’s way too much and way too late and, when they don’t receive that, they go really insane for some reason. You’d think they’d realise they need to have a bigger influence much earlier on, like… before they start the project, not years later when the trailer comes out. Oi, I tell ya…

  8. ‘now they just have to port the games PROPERLY to the wii and SEGA will be rich again’

    Considering the Wii version hasn’t even been seen yet or talked about [bar that it apparently exists], then it won’t be regarded well in comparison [and I’m not even being pessimistic here], that’s just the sway HD graphics have on the gaming industry and its consumers.

    Anyway… Ryo Hazuki / Shenmue resurfacing after a decade made that [rainy] day for me – thank you Sega!!

    [And keeping him the same design as before was a great move too.]

    Makes me wonder what Shenmue’s track gonna be…?

    Yokosuka Harbour… Dobuita… Guilin… are the ones that spring to mind. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. @ Sonic:
    You may be onto something, we’re already frustrated by “Needlemouse.” We don’t have more information, & there are a lot of people frustrated by the fact that it’s in 2D (or side scroller).

  10. All I can say is…


    I’ll buy the game just for this!! LOL Love how he did the windmill/hurricane kick in midair hitting the ridiculously large bomb to the other driver! How cool is that?? And the forklift truck…

    Dread do you remember Mark from the warehouse (the black dude who got bullied by the sailors)?? “First one to the finish… Wins a prize”… “Okay… On your marks, get set… Go” Man the memories… Ryo go kick some sailor ass, erm.. I mean go win the race!

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