UPDATED: HMV Pre-Orders Nab You Exclusive M&S T-Shirt

UPDATED: HMV Pre-Orders Nab You Exclusive M&S T-Shirt


As I mentioned in yesterdays article about SEGA’s UK Marketing Campaign, SEGA have some pre-order incentives planned. Well HMV.com have updated their product pages for both versions of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games with a new pre-order offer.

Pre-order Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games on Nintendo Wii or DS and receive an exclusive Mario & Sonic T-Shirt (T-Shirt to be delivered within a week of release date)

M&S2 T-Shirt

UPDATE 1 – PIC GET(Thanks Jix Hedgehog): As you can see above, HMV have uploaded a picture of the t-shirt now. The shirt has all of the playable characters emblems on the front and another image on the left sleeve, making for one funky t-shirt.

The Wii version costs £29.99 and the DS version costs £24.99 and both have free delivery available.

When asked at my local HMV store the colleague behind the counter informed me the T-shit offer is online pre-orders only.


  1. There’s a picture of the shirt now, it has all the character emblems on it.

    There you go Poms, always complaining you never get any Sonic stuff, and you score an awesome shirt with a game most of you were probably going to buy anyway 😛

  2. @ Jix Hedgehog
    Thanks for the tip 😉 They must have put it up after I wrote the article. The t-shirt looks amazing, was already planning on getting the game from HMV. This has sealed the deal. I’m going to ask my local store tomorrow if the T-Shirt will be given away with in-store pre-orders too.

  3. Heh, what are you talking about, Stan? I think it’s adorable. X3 Want~

    …Especially a PNG sheet with all the emblems on~

  4. …any chance the shirt will be released separately? I don’t think I can pre-order M&S, but I would kill for one of those shirts o.o

  5. @ Tiago : The emblems are –


  6. @Jix Hedgehog: …You have a zoomed-in view, don’t you?

    Somebody get me some high-quality renders, stat. Especially ones for Blaze and Silver for when I make shirts of them.

  7. I guess those are all the characters, so they won’t be revealing any more. too bad.

    Though I heard a rumor that Jet, Rouge Boo are gonna be unlockable charatcers. Can anyone confirm this rumor?

  8. That really sucks. I thought there were going to be a lot more new characters, not 4. That disspointed me quite a lot.

  9. Sonictoast: Jet, Rouge and Boo weren’t playable characters when I was playing the demo at the press day last month, and that had everything unlocked on it.
    Preordered. Another shirt for my collection :3 I hope they send a medium…or i’ll be annoyed.

  10. @ I know. I need usable, clean versions without backgrounds, though. It’s an… art… thing.

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