“New Sonic 2 World Record” Doesn’t Actually Beat World Record

“New Sonic 2 World Record” Doesn’t Actually Beat World Record


Various sources are reporting that gamer James Richards, in association with Lucozade and the Guinness World Records, has apparently broken a time trial record for Sonic the Hedgehog 2 at the Golden Joystick Awards show in London.

The only thing is, he didn’t.

James attempted the World Record, which involved speed running through Sonic 2’s Emerald Hill Zone Act 1 as fast as possible, and managed a very respectable time of 0:22. Guinness World Records representatives were at the event to adjudicate and officiate the new record.

However, the current World Record for Emerald Hill Zone Act 1 lies with Louis Tsiattalou with a time of 0:20. This was achieved at the Summer of Sonic Convention in August 2008, and funnily enough was also officiated by Guinness World Records representatives. The record was even published in the Guinness Book of World Records: Gamers Edition 2009.

Which begs the question, how did Guinness come to forget their own World Record?

James was happy that he got a quick time, all thanks to Lucozade Alert Plus, apparently. “I’ve been training for weeks for this. Getting my mental preparation right has been just as important as honing my physical co-ordination and reactions. Lucozade Alert Plus has given me the energy boost I’ve needed to increase my focus, concentration and overall mental performance. I’m so happy to have broken the record – one that I hope will stand for some time to come!”

I wonder who will be the poor sod that has to break the news to James that he didn’t actually break any records?

James attempted his World Record on an Xbox 360. The current World Record holder, Louis, achieved it on a Sega Mega Drive console. There are faster times on speed running sites that clock in as quick as 19 seconds and beyond, but these use ROMs, engineered copies of the game or do not take place in front of a Guinness World Record adjudicator, and thus aren’t qualified for World Record placing.

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  1. Yeah its because there actually WASN’T a record for that configuration. Its very debatable. Will explain more on RR Sunday.

  2. Yeah, I thought they’d get around it by saying it’s a different configuration or something – I’d say that’s a very sneaky way of doing things.

  3. HOLAS: ™

    words fail to express the fail in this fail

    and the “other configuration” thing sounds like losers consolation…

    but it’s valid… and 0:22 is still an awesome time

  4. I’ve been trying to contact Gaz (Guinness Judge from SOS) about this. Because not only did Louis get 20, but me and Charles got 21 each! 22 is nothing! lol.

    I hope they don’t use the “other config” route. If so, I want the chance to set the record on all platforms Sonic 2 came out on ever in an hour or something! lol.

  5. Aww… It kind of such for James that he didn’t break the record.
    Oh, well, at least he is better than 99% of the world populations I guess..

  6. Everyone plz stop saying about how your times are soooo much better; the point of the matter is that that the achieved time, though respectable, fails to beat the SOS time. So I guess many of us will be either laughing at James or just feeling pity.

    Maybe it’s a record beater while being under the influence of lucozade…..

  7. Pfft… 22 is respectable but it’s nothing really. I got 21 at Summer of Sonic as well lol

    Record fail.. GWR fail

  8. James looks horrible eating that 360 controller. If anything, he’ll get the record for being “special.” Just kidding, I’m special too. He also, in all likely hood, got paid for saying that energy drink bull.

    As for the record itself, I would think they might do the “other configuration” thing, or claim the SOS one the rightful record since it’s on the original console and had less of a chance to be tempered with (or not).

  9. I read this article the day it came out, and shortly thereafter I started trying to speedrun it for myself.
    Two days later I got 22 seconds, and I’ve never done speedrunning in my life (well, I did a little on Sonic Rush but that’s different). Like everyone has been saying, it’s a decent speedrun time, but not Guinness-worthy.

  10. Playing on the original console is, in my opinion, the only valid way to get a true time. Sure near perfect emulation exists, but it is still an emulation. I wouldn’t even consider Sonic Jam a valid form of record breaking.

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