UPDATED: M&S Winter Olympics DS Demo Now On Wii Nintendo Channel

UPDATED: M&S Winter Olympics DS Demo Now On Wii Nintendo Channel


UPDATE: 7TH Oct: European demo is now available from the European Nintendo Channel.

UPDATE 6TH Oct: ArchangelUK has confirmed on the Sonic City Blognik that a European version of the demo is comng soon. END UPDATE

SEGA of America have released a demo of the DS version of upcoming game Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games to the Wii’s U.S. Nintendo Channel. The demo allows you to try out the touch screen controlled Alpine Skiing event as 1 of 2 characters (yes you guessed correctly) Mario or Sonic. So if you’ve been on the fence as to wether to get the DS version you might want to give the demo a try.

No word on wether we in Europe will be getting this demo on the Nintendo Channel, if one becomes available we’ll be sure to let you know right here at TSS.

Thanks to dabbido for letting us know via the SSMB topic


  1. Ugh, stylus controls. I’d nail that world record with I could use the D Pad 🙁
    It’ll probably get easier the more you play, the game looks good, the sounds could be improved.. but I only played 3 and a ½ times and turned it off.
    Has online play been confirmed?

  2. Sweet demo.

    The controls for this are very unique and I had fun with it.

    Can’t wait to see how the rest of the events play on both DS & Wii.

  3. So I go to the Nintendo channel, it says I need to update my nintendo channel. I go to update my nintendo channel and it says I need a wii system update. I go to wii system update, it takes 30 minutes to update. I then go to the Nintendo channel again, it says I still need to update my nintendo channel, so I update, this update takes another 20 minutes. I go to the M&S demo, it takes another 10 minutes to load to my DS.

    So it took about an hour to play this 1 minute skiing demo… AND IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT!

  4. Now that was pretty fun =D! Can’t wait for the full game. Currently in the process of getting the Wii version.

  5. Can’t try it, my Wii broke & it’s getting repaired. I am more interested in the Wii version though.

  6. I just tried it a few hours ago, It was a lot of fun! Although I had to go through the same pain as sonictoast! That wii update took forever! But I did good in the demo, I beat the course record of 50 seconds! Although just barelt, I got 49 seconds.

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