Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games Hits Today

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games Hits Today


Just got both DS and Wii versions of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games for review – which incidentally, happen to be available for purchase today too! The last Mario and Sonic game was rather fun, despite not being exactly the result we all wanted from a franchise clash like this. From what we’ve played over the last few months, things are much improved over 2007’s effort, so I’m going to spend some time on this over the weekend. I’m going to a wedding tomorrow so the DS version is likely to get more playtime for the time being. Either way, a TSS review will be inbound for both versions soon.

Anyone getting the game today? Weekend? Never? What characters are making you excited right now? I know Roareye will want to (constantly) play as Waluigi. Myself, I’m psyched to play as Metal Sonic. Anyone have a particular favourite from the lineup?

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  1. I’ll wait til I read a number of reviews for the game and even then it’s unlikely to be an essentail purchase for me. The last one was enjoyable but underwhelming and I have to be careful what I spend my money on these days.

  2. I got it today, been playing it for some time and it is better than the 1st one, some events are really good like skiing :D. The only problem I have is that the snowboard is tad unresponsive at times and not as good as the skies (though that might be my doing for holding the Wii-mote wrong)….. Also Sonic, Mario and EGGMAN!!! costumes for Mii is SO COOL!!

  3. I got it on Thursday, I purchased both versions. I love the Adventure Tours and Festival mode, and dressing up miis in Rouge and Omega costumes is fun! Best event I have played would have to be the Alpine Skiing and A cool added history feature was the dream figure skating, never thought Perfect Chaos would be in it!

  4. Just a reminder, guys; even though it’s only a sports game and not really canon, be considerate of using potential spoilers in your comments. Cheers!

  5. I still do not have this yet, but I’d definitely pick the same as you, Skrown. ^-^ Spread the love!

    Although I’m very alarmed at IGN’s review, seeing as they’re the only reviewer who’s marked it lower than seven, and the only reviewer who’s marked it lower than the last effort. At least, I think so. GamesRadar might have done the same, I dunno. D:

  6. lol…….im from over in the states…………i’ve had the game for the last 3 days, it’s pretty freakin sweet!

  7. I am hopefully getting it tommorow (doubt it though) I am REALY syked about…. METAL! HELL YES HE IS BACK! AN THANK GOD! can’t wait to get it, might send you an E-mail Svend and tell you what i think just for randomness. =P

  8. I could’ve picked it up last monday, but as I said before, I ain’t buying it unless we (USA) get some sort of bonus too 😛

  9. Metal & Shadow

    Again, I don’t like reviews. They’re someone else’s opinion, not mine or a fact.

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