Let The Olympic Winter Memes Begin!

Let The Olympic Winter Memes Begin!

So there I was, innocently adding the new Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games Artwork page (with transparent, clean PNG character art and all), when I came across these monstrosities. These images are part of SEGA’s “lifestyle” advertising campaign for the new Mario and Sonic sports mashup, and… well, they’re quite terrible, aren’t they?

I’ve not seen any of these being used in ‘lifestyle’ print or magazines (although having said that, I don’t make it a point to collect issues of Grazia or whatever), it makes you wonder whether SEGA, Nintendo et al just do these photo shoots for a laugh one day, never to be used for fear of irritating readers with these guys’ faces. Some of these faces are hilarious though, but deep down it really kinda wants you lose the will to live.

Gallery full of 20-odd lifestyle promotional M&S images after the jump. Best captions win Awesome Points™.

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  1. This seems less like a lifestyle magazine shoot and more like those shoddy on-line family albums that one makes with a bunch of pictures and a template on GeoCities or something…

  2. The 14th one I made one of those demotivation posters for.

    They Aren’t Laughing with you

  3. “Look at our massive smiles! We *must* be having fun!”

    Kinda reminds me of that pic of those Xbox girls that don’t have any cables plugged into the console other than the controllers.

  4. @MilesDX Hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    This is pretty funny. Like the modernising of Sonic. EVERYONE MUST SMILE, EVERYONE MUST BE HAPPY THIS IS SPARTA!

  5. The 14th one is funny. The guy in the back looks like hes saying
    “Dont have too much fun grandma or you’ll break you hip!”

  6. Number three makes me laugh…

    Kid: Hey, is it just me, or did the screen flip sideways?

    On number seven, the dude looks intimidated by something…

  7. #3 – The afro haired man did his best to blend in to the background, desperate to distance himself from his demented relatives.

    #5 – *Guy in checkered shirt on the right* There’s a hot girl… bending over… in my living room! Thank you, Mario and Sonic!

    #6 – Guy: Urgh! Have you let one rip? Girl: Sorry, Im just WAY too excited.

    #9 – So… why are we playing this?

    #10 – Everyone turned a blind eye from the stranger in the background who was approaching little Billy.

    #11 – Due to the credit crunch, the family had to make cutbacks on presents this year.

    #14 – Steady now, gran. You might break a hip.

    #18 – Touch me again and I’ll bite off your ear!

    #22 – Statue of Liberty victory pose?

    Overall – what were they thinking when they made these photos!?

  8. 2nd pic, 1st Row
    *overly cheery tone* ~Gary Stuuuu, a little birdy told us you’ve been fapping to pictures of Princess Peach! Looks like SOMEONE needs an intervention!~

    Everyone: YAAAAAAY!!!

    1st pic, 3rd Row
    White Guy: ~Tiers are for Queers!!!~ *Hits black guy with a Wii mote*

    4th pic, 4th Row
    WO@H, NO1CE GR@PH1KZ!!1!!1!!!!1!
    (refer to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acIxqK422TA#t=00m02s)

    I can has awesome points?

  9. Nintendo says: “Wii balance board: because young ‘trendy’ people don’t wear socks indoors.”

  10. @#15 – Who the hell plays videogames in wooden chairs these days. Get some real gaming chairs or gtfo grandma.

  11. Is it just me, or does the guy in picture 4 look like that idiot from High School Musical?

  12. #15 Remember Grandma, this isn’t a real car you’re driving!

    #19 Due to all the excitment, my teeth seem to have stuck together!

    These photos are made of pure evil….

  13. #19 (alternate) – [girl to boy] Did you replace my toothpaste with Krazy Glue?

    (Wish I’d thought of this one a few seconds earlier).

  14. Picture number 10 is my favourite, look at that lovely conventional Christmas morning food! You’ll find no boxed sweeties here, a slice of an orange for everyone! NORMAL HAPPY FIFTY PERSON FAMILY YAY

  15. I’ll post as I think,

    the last one: We’ll we might have gotten arrested for those drugs, but the police men were nice enough to cuff us with our Wii controllers. I mean, they did have fun playing it. (US event based)

  16. 4TH: They my think I’m playing Mario and Sonic, but with the DSi’s internet, I can play with Mario and Sonic.

  17. 18TH: Thanks to plastic surgery, some aging, and a change of clothes, Freddy Crouger was able to get a new gig as the Wii Murderer.

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