Happy Birthday to TSS!

Happy Birthday to TSS!


Happy Birthday to us! The Sonic Stadium was launched on this day, nine long years ago. Originally a place I created while at school to just write about my favourite game series, this place quickly became one of the most popular places to go to online. Over its long history, this site has had countless firsts, loads of exclusives, official recognition from SEGA, and been the cause of many legendary community initiatives, with the most recent being the Summer of Sonic convention.

While it’s true that we have led the way in many ways regarding Sonic site communities and approaches to design and philosophies, the real success story is in the many Sonic fans that come to TSS to enjoy what we have to say in one weird way or another. You, the visitors, are what truly make TSS great and I want to thank you so much for giving me the encouragement to stick with it for nine years.

So here’s what we’re going to be doing. The first present for you guys, you can probably already see – we’ve updated the layout. Looks pretty snazzy right? There may be a kink or two to iron out, but it’s pretty much all done. I hope you enjoy this new look TSS. It represents our switch in focus to being a fansite, rather than simply a news site that we have been in danger of becoming.

To complement this, you’ll notice many sections returned, in the form of links on the sidebar. I’ll personally be spending the coming weekends and evenings to add all of our lost content into the database. If you have something that I may be missing, please feel free to give me a shout!

The Sonic Site Awards will be updated over the weekend too – nominees are likely to be announced during The Sonic Hour show at the latest, so do listen in! There’s a direct link to SEGASonic Radio now, just click on the green button! Then click on ‘Chat’ to take part in any LiVECAST chatter!

Finally, I’ll be continuing my campaign of adding old updates from the long lost past too… Check out this TSS Classic Update from Tokyo Game Show 2007 for starters. Hope you enjoy the new updates!

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Founder of The Sonic Stadium and creator/co-organiser of the Summer of Sonic convention. Loves talking about Sonic the Hedgehog in his spare time. Likes Sonic Colours a little too much for his own good, apparently.


  1. Oh my…. how pretty. I like how the sites title seems to say “SONIC STADIUM!” All in your face mother fuckers! RAWR!

  2. Having only been with TSS for about three years myself, I’ve been welcomed with open arms, like so many Anxsty hedgehogs joining the series. A lot of the people who have become my best friends I have met through here, and I think that in itself has been worth the effort. I love hanging around here because the people are so cool, and I don’t think that will change any time soon.

    I bet Dread didn’t think nine years on from starting his site he would be the captain of the UK Sonic convention! If anything else, it’s a nice little reminder that no matter how crazy your ideas and dreams are, they are attainable one way or another.

    Much luff to Tee Ess Ess.

    T xxx

  3. A big Happy Birthday to TSS from me! I’ve had great memories here, and now that I’m back, I hope to have even more.

  4. Nice. But don’t stop the news altogether. I need this site to be up to date on what’s hot and what’s not.

  5. So there’s gonna be multiple presents for TSS coming, eh? What could we expect to see later on? I’m too anxious to wait!

  6. We’ll still rock the news, Humble, don’t worry. 🙂 I just felt like the site was being consumed by the chasing of news rather than being a fansite. This re-focus will allow me to concentrate on us having fun with the site and writing about Sonic instead. News will still be a big part of that. 🙂

  7. Oh my! I am very pleased, Mr. Dread. I also like the “powerups” on the left navigation bar. But there are two Speed Shoes! Maybe you could make one of those two a “Super Ring!” Just a suggestion. 🙂

    Love the layout!!! Happy birthday, TSS!

  8. Svend, it has always been a real pleasure experiecing all the awesome things you have offered to me as a friend and as a Sonic fan.

    And because of you I have been able to make some of the best friends in the world much like how Adam have mentioned in his comment.

    It’s through your online projects, website, radio shows and community get togethers that continue to inspire me. Keep being you and you’ll continue to give what others may take for granted in the fandom.

    Oh and: “Give me good head! Come on… Come on Toshi!” That’s how sexual you are.

  9. It’s amazing that this site has been going for 9 years which is a testament to the commitment Dread and everyone else involved in the sites creation and updates has put forth. I’m glad to have been an attentive fan of this amazing site.

    Nice swish new layout btw. Though you say this is a fansite please keep us up to date with Sonic and Sega related news, that’s what I’m here for at least.

  10. Oh wow, it’s like the old days! TSS is a website again! I missed the content, nice to see it gradually coming back.

    When I ran my Sonic site, TSS was a constant inspiration to me and my peers. Along with Sonic HQ, it was the site we wanted to run. A lot of us just wanted the recognition more than the opportunity to give something back and that’s where TSS stands out.

    Since the first community day in 2007, it’s been a pleasure meeting Dreadknux and Roareye aswell as many others in the community. TSS has certainly helped bring the community together a lot better than other sites and it certainly deserves all the attention it gets. I speak from experience when I say that without TSS, I wouldn’t have met some of the people I like to call friends now.

    Happy Birthday guys! Lets see if I can keep SEGADriven.com open aslong as this!

  11. Cool lay out! But I’m still missing the fancy login, and was the idea of themes abandoned. I also liked the funny qoutes that randomly appeared on the banner. But that’s just me, I love how the site has a lot more content though! Just keep doing what you’re doing and it will all be cool. Fan art will return once again!

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