And TSS Birthday Sweepstakes Entries Cease! [Update]

And TSS Birthday Sweepstakes Entries Cease! [Update]

One of our contests, as mentioned a few days ago, will be the random lucky dip that we’ll be featuring on SEGASonic Radio tomorrow night. Please do not email us with your details – I won’t be able to find time to put your names in the special ‘hat’ we have here. Good luck to all our entrants; winners (and the prize they will get) will be randomly plucked out of a hat so the handing of goodies is completely fair. There will be only one prize per winner. Here’s a shortlist of what you can win;

  • A Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games ‘Super Pack’, courtesy of SEGA Europe
  • UniQlo Sonic Adventure ‘Hands’ T-Shirt, Blue
  • Archie Sonic the Hedgehog #195, signed by Matt Herms
  • Sonic Rivals 2 on PSP
  • Sonic & Knuckles Collection on PC
  • Japanese copy of Sonic Jam on Sega Saturn
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Archives, Vol. 1
  • Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog VHS
  • Classic Sonic Car Sticker
  • A Sonic X Children’s Book
  • A Crappy Homemade CD Wall Clock
  • White, Homemade Sonic Heroes ‘branded’ underpants, Ages 4-5

Basically, you want the good prizes and not the crappy ones. 😉 Listen to SEGASonic Radio’s The Sonic Hour at 7pm GMT tomorrow night (click the green button at the top of the page there) and then join in the IRC Chatroom (click the ‘Chat’ link at the top of the page) and chat about the show’s happenings with friends live. Remember that in the UK (where the show will be broadcast), the clocks go back one hour so for many places around the world please take that into consideration. If you’re ever confused as to what time it is for us, click here and look under the “London” section. See you then!

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  1. Can’t believe I missed the deadline to ANOTHER TSS contest! ARGH! Oh well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You keep my obsession going strong, lol!

  2. I thought all entries had to be in by Sunday 5pm GMT… and it only just hit Sunday 1am in that time zone D:

    Guess they got a **** load of entries :S

  3. Sonicboom7:

    And by this ratio, the winner of the M&S Super pack will go crazy when the results are in. I swear XD

  4. Darn, turns out the winners will be announced at about 5 in the morning where I live. I guess I’ll just have to set Audacity to record audio for a good few hours so I can hear the results. Unless I stay up all night to listen, which would NOT be a good idea.

  5. ^5 in the morning IS a bit too early ^^;

    It’s 12 midnight for me. It’s like a New Year countdown! XDD

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