Second Piece Of M&S Olympic Winter Games Merchandise Revealed

Second Piece Of M&S Olympic Winter Games Merchandise Revealed

M&S2 Sticker Sheet
After the news of the Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games pre-order t-shirt at HMV ArchangelUK over at the Sonic City Blognik has revealed SEGA Europe’s second piece of merchandise. The item as seen in the above photo is a sticker sheet of various pieces of art for the playable characters included in the game. Alot of the art you will have seen on the games website but a few pieces are new such as the Bowser art. AAUK hasn’t revealed what SEGA Europe plan for the sticker sheets but we’ll let you know as soon as any information is given.

Sonic City Blognik


  1. I guessed a stylus/DS Skin and something similiar for the Wii..

    Aw well.. we have enough action figures, a shirt is already offered, a keychain would look shoddy, a soundtrack cd would’ve been nice, as well as a collectable glass or something

  2. ^ But it’s a sticker sheet. At least it means we’ll be getting this in an even simpler way than pre-orders and there’ll be lots in stock, … right?

  3. i hope same thing like that cames to aus couse we never get enything like that we have to pay like over $100 for same thing of sonic

  4. I had these from the last game, put them on my Wii and DS I think. Quite stylish, but nothing to get excited about XD Want more of those shirts!

  5. Yeah! More merchandise I’ll probably never obtain. Oh, well! At least they’re making more merchandise. I’d like to see whatever wacky things they release for “Needlemouse.” Maybe another action figure(s) (& not just in Toys R’ Us), maybe they’ll have those fun little LCD games at McDonalds again, or maybe a special Sonic Console (preferably Wii, they never did come out with the other colors).

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