WHY WOULD YOU SHOOT A MISSLE AT ME?  Oh hey, it’s a ring.

WHY WOULD YOU SHOOT A MISSLE AT ME? Oh hey, it’s a ring.


If you love Sonic and laughter, there is no excuse for you not to watch “Sonic Abridged: Episode 1.”

The series aims to take episodes from Sonic X and make them shorter and funnier.  Most importantly, “Sonic Abridged” turns the entire episode on its head with hilarious voice acting, a random array of sound effects, and a bevy of obscure internet references.  If it’s one thing I like more than watching Sonic X, it’s making fun of it.

Highlights include: Cheese, Knuckles’ indifference, and “wouldn’t it be weird if I mutated into a giant, butt-ugly werewolf thing?”

Plus, Psyguy is the main man behind it all, so you know that it’s quality.  Watch it, foo’.

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  1. i thought it was funny when he said falcon punch like in smash bross!

    Seriously, though. Not bad. Not exactly my humour, but it had it’s funny parts.

  2. That was hilarious. I’m still laughing.
    It’s hard to mention everything I thought was originally funny. Very good job.

    The song on the credits is from A Goofy Movie. Cool. I loved Goofy’s scream when Sonic jumped off the ramp.

  3. And they all died!

    I loved how they fit in this one part to the sonic collaberation “april fools joke” by Kirbopher.
    Also, I already saw it on the Sonic Show before this article, just to share.

  4. It was ok, not as funny as DBZ abridged or Yu-Gi-Oh abridged, i found it a bit too disjointed, didnt flow really well, kinda felt like a Youtube Poop vid, too many random sound bites, music was great through out.
    As it is the first ep hopefully it gets better

  5. Agreed with Krischaos. I was expecting some witty humor ala DBZ or Yugioh Abridged, but instead got a bunch of sound effects (way too many) and some average jokes. It’s ok if you’re into this stuff, but the “Abridged” title is just for show, this is nowhere near Abridged quality.

  6. Little known fact: Big the Cat and Duke Nukem have the same voice actor in real life.

    Also, anything that has a credit sequence featuring “I to I” is greatness.

  7. “Big Nukem,” Big’s newest rendition.

    I only have one request to you PsyGuy, more Transformers Bastardized, and a name change to Sonic X Bastardized (since it would make more sense with it by you and all), and more beer. Even without that, it’s still greatness, and please don’t say you love me again 0.o. XD

  8. “Shooouuuulldn’t we be gooinggg faassstteeerrrr? Arreen’t wee innn aaaa huuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….”

    The is the best attempt at a Sonic X Abridged ever.

    And having Little Kuriboh as Rouge was a nice touch.

  9. Where’s the funny? All I see is an edited Sonic X episode with a Youtube Poop audio track.

    Man, Psyguy really has lost his touch since he quit TMS.

  10. @ Psyguy

    You… are… AWESOME!!!
    Amazing work! Never failed to laugh during Sonic Abridged (and the Sonic Movie Abridged) as well as TMS and Wha-Chows

    To you, I grant the star of Great Justice. ★

  11. @Kits’Okami: Agreed (with both things). It was pretty funny at some points (I nearly pissed myself at 5:15 haha), but overall I thought it was kind of stale. Maybe the next ones will be better?

  12. It’s a little loud, and while the sound effects were good (a nice touch), the music was a bit loud. And I hope Rouge gets an individual schtick rather than repeating Mai’s.

    And if you turn that last point’s phrasing into something rude, I will punch you with my fists. >:I

    (knock knock it’s knuckles the blow-thrower / independant flower magical emerald holder / give you the coldest shoulder / my spike goes through boulders)

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