Watch Sonic Paradox: Knuckles Briefs on the Sonic Show!

Watch Sonic Paradox: Knuckles Briefs on the Sonic Show!


The guys over at Sonic Paradox are really pulling out all the stops at the moment to bring us a Summer of Sonic special set of Sonic Briefs: Knuckles Shorts! Feast your eyes on yet another side-splitting host of hillarious flash animations over at the Sonic Show!

So what are you waiting for! Get over there and watch it!  Just try not to get stuck on the loading screen punching Sonic on the toilet over and over and over…

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Adam Tuff

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  1. Every year, SoS keeps reminding me why I’d love to live in(or at least visit) the UK. You never get these awesome conventions here in boring US with all this awesome support from fans and officials alike. 🙁 [/epic jealousy]

  2. YAY KNUCKLES!!!!! Man, that guy needs some love, I guess that’s why I’m here! ^-^ Oh, and tell Silver not to sing. EVER.

  3. Why does Knuckles not love us?

    They forgot to include Metal Sonic & Metal Knuckles. Over all it, was entertaining, lacking in some areas. I liked how they had animations done by varing characters. I couldn’t get some jokes, such as the super/hyper Knuckles bit, or why Charmy’s didn’t look like Heavy & Bomb’s one considering he’s six (?). I really liked froggy’s one, esra eht pU! LOLOLOLOL!

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