Virtual Summer of Sonic Competition: We Have A Winner!

Virtual Summer of Sonic Competition: We Have A Winner!


A few weeks back we set you cretins the question of “If you were put in charge of Summer of Sonic ‘10, what would you do?” in order to bag yourself a signed copy of the ultra-rare “Virtual Sonic” album signed by Howard Drossin himself! Our inbox rapidly filled with entries, both cruel and unusual, but as always there can only be one winner!

Now we weren’t going to just hand this prize to any old entry – we wanted originality, and we got it along with a shed-load of…well, insanity, which is what I think we’ve come to expect from you lot! We liked NickSta Blue‘s idea of having a Hot dog stand next year, and SonicToast‘s suggestion of Sonic Karaoke…although i’ll have to bring some ear plugs next year. We were a bit scared of Speedknux‘s thoughts on the Dreadknux face T-Shirts though!


Our Runner-up, and the recipient of a SoS Official Sonic Artbook courtasy of SEGA is Cannie Ngui who decided to convey her ideas with art! Some of the suggestions included a “Hallway of Sonic” showcasing Sonic’s past, a series of Sonic themed competitions such as a race and a Gaia temple cake (maybe Jemnezmy is taking notes?) with an edible chocolate Chip! Nice one!


We honestly thought Eggman had entered this at first…but as it turns out, Kyle Boyle is our winner! Kyle has invented the concept of a “Voice off” challenge in which fans can compete for the title of best character impersonations…and to demonstrate, his entry has been done in the style and the manorisms of the good Doctor himself! Mike Pollock better watch out with tallent like this floating about!

Have a Listen here!

Congratulations Kyle, the CD and a copy of the artbook are on their way to you!

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  1. Obligatory Ryan Drummond reference there from Cannie Ngui! (Has anybody actually asked Ryan Drummond if he’d like to do the voice again? I just remember this interview a couple of years back where he said he was perfectly alright with not doing the voice and had decided it was just a part of his life that’d come to an end.)

    I’m also surprised (not incredibly) about the Mike Pollock love in Sonicboom7’s entry, which jumped out at me after what I thought was going to be a bit of ranting by a classic-only fan. He had some cool ideas, but the New York part would be ridiculously annoying, since the number of people having to use planes to get to SOS would increase dramatically. >_> Remember, there’s still a lot of UK fans to get over there…

    The voice-off sounds particularly cool. I could attempt Amy’s voice, but it’ll be close to Ms Ortiz’s version.

    And hey, SonicToast? Did you just say karaoke? I’m there!

  2. Umiyuri, I used New York because it would be easier for Mike Pollock to attend. I think it being in UK would be much easier for the rest of the crowd though. So no worries, I’m sure Sonicstadium will hold Summer of Sonic somewhere in the UK still. I really would like to attend next time around…

  3. Awww.

    (Can we still drag Mr Pollock over? He sounds like a very nice guy – although that may be due to certain circumstances…)

  4. Umiyuri: Ryan said that?

    And there’s nothing wrong with sounding like Lisa Ortiz. She does a great job as Amy! She puts so much bounce and energy into her voice.

  5. Aah runner up! 😀

    SoS Artbook!? Omg! When I first read that the attendees of SoS (which I’ve never been) get this collectible, I got sad for missing it out. Now, I must have looked crazy when I read that I won one. Good thing that no one is around XD

    Really wanted that CD, though. But I’m glad it goes to the grand winner for his awesome entry ^^ Thanks for making my day, TSS! 😀

  6. If I had the chance to enter this contest, my idea would’ve been something like having life size sonic levels where SoS would take place (A place themed after greenhill zone and such) though, it may be outragious and original, it still has to be something that can ACTUALLY be physically done, right? XD

  7. Sonic voice off? I’d like to see that. i can do the Mario characters pretty well, but the Sonic characters are much harder in my opinion. Still, I’d like to see what the fans can dish out.

  8. @Sonicboom7: AWESOME entry! You sound just like (the Mike Pollock version of) Dr. Eggman! 8D

    @Umiyuri: If the event is located in the UK again, then it means that EVERYONE who lives outside of the UK has to fly there (unless they go by ship), which probably makes a lot of people (namely, those outside of the UK) skip it entirely. At least if its held in New York, new people will have the opportunity to come, just like how the Olympics are held in a different place each year.

  9. @Needsmail: So what, I need to prepare flight tickets now? XD If it takes place anywhere in America, remember that America spans four or five time zones and people from other states would still be flying in. Not to mention that people were still trying to come in in London as well. (In fact, a few people had to be blocked from entering this year.) It’s not like New York is more of a selling point than London, is it? …Ah, nevermind.

    You do know that Darkspeeds is concepting a US Sonic convention, though, don’tcha?

    @Humble Fellow: Yeah, I kinda remember him saying this, but I need confirmation, y’know?

    Meanwhile – go go go, Ms Ortiz!

  10. @ Umiyuri:
    It’d be nice to get some Sonic action out here, other than some elusive merchandise.

    Wow! News is slow again, and no more speculation on “Needlemouse.” On top of that, the new sign in is awkward and not as shiny (all of the different links). Just bored & saying.

  11. *GASP*
    It’s exactly what I have been searching and striving for all these years!! An official Sega art book! If you read the old archives of TSS’ forum (if they even exist anymore) you will know that I’ve always really been wanting this! I will kill for one! (Well, maybe not) Please please contact me/put it up for auction for me on ebay if there is one available that someone is willing to part with. I will pay top dollar! I am sure that we can arrange something: e-mail, PM me or something. I didn’t get the chance to go to the UK for SoS this year although I almost did. I hope that a fellow Sonic fan can help me out. Thank you so much!

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