SEGA Releases Sonic Level Creator Online

SEGA Releases Sonic Level Creator Online


Well this is a nice surprise. For a while now, SEGA Europe has had an online gaming arena called ‘PlaySEGA‘, which wasn’t very interesting on launch but now has a nice selection of Mega Drive games to play over the Intertubes. For Sonic fans, the gaming portal has suddenly become very exciting indeed because the service recently launched the Sonic Level Creator.

Taking the engine from classic Sonic the Hedgehog titles and providing users with tilesets and basic creation tools, the Level Creator allows for a whole mix of unique user-generated content. And in a LittleBigPlanet stylee, members of the PlaySEGA service can play and rate each other’s creations. I’ve had a go on a few, and it’s great fun.


The catch? PlaySEGA is mostly a pay-for service (understandably), so while any member can play a level, you have to be a VIP member to actually create your own stage. A free trial allows you to play levels (and various Mega Drive classics) so you can get a taste of what is possible.

Thanks to the SSMB for the heads up!

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  1. Too bad we have to pay…
    I have no money at the moment.
    I understand that the actual Sonic games are VIP only but this one too?
    Meh….I’ll think about it.

  2. Good stuff!
    They’re probably looking for ideas for future stages.. so don’t create anything too fabulous or they’ll steal it and you won’t get anything for it 😛

  3. Holy crap, a company that needs money to run a service is asking you to pay money to do anything on that service? Anyone who posts whining about the paid aspect is a little naive…

  4. @Grinder
    “Damn you SEGA! Why do we have to pay?”

    Good point Grinder, why do we have to pay?! And whilst we’re on the subject, who’s bright idea was it to make us pay to use the buses or trains?! What is with that?!! Seriously!!!!

  5. Not too interested. I might as well make stages in Open Sonic. It’s still something, still. First Needlemouse, now this? BOTH related to 2D?
    But, it would be interresting if it came in Project Needlemouse…

  6. Sega has it all backwards. They should sell the game and then let people create/distribute levels for free, a la Little Big Planet. Seriously, if they released this game for consoles, it would be TIGHT!

  7. HOLAS: ™

    thats awesome (and glitchy)

    i demand these on “project needlemouse” (but less glitchy)

    it will be my dream come true :_D

    (also, it will give some sort of excuse to the ban of sonic levels in little big planet)

  8. @metalliccookies: That is not his running animation your looking at. That is his off balance animation or edge animation.

  9. man make a game of it or at best in needlemouse.
    “built from the ground up”
    i`ll wait for the TGS, then sega better reveal some gameplay

  10. Pay to play,well darn it.This sounds like it could be fun.I’m all for it being in project needlemouse!

  11. Interestingly, the good Doctor’s called ‘Robotnik’ on that website rather than his international name… huh.

    Well, since that’s his legal name, I guess it’s only being polite to him. 🙂

  12. @bluehedgehog25: Its a darn shame that its only a fan made film instead of a full length feature film.

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