UPDATE: New Sonic Game Revealed for 2010, “Project Needlemouse”

UPDATE: New Sonic Game Revealed for 2010, “Project Needlemouse”

Just now, SEGA has released a trailer for Sonic’s 2010 outing. The game, currently untitled, is code named Project Needlemouse. Rather then spoil the surprise for you, I think I will just link to the trailer, posted by GameSpot, and let you guys see for yourselves. There is no game play in this trailer, or even a clear look at Sonic himself, but it does tell you exactly what this game is going to be.


You can view the HD version here!

I’m excited. Are you?

You can also read an interview about the game here.

On a not so subtle note, TSS would also like to wish the Dreamcast a happy tenth anniversary! Great gift, huh?

UPDATE: The link to “needlemouse.com” has been removed, as it has proven to be the link to a fan game.Β I deeply apologize for the mistake.

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  1. lol, thanks. Sorry XD. I actually had the story written up for 20 minutes before hand, but I wanted to wait until the 9th as a little homage to the Dreamcast, which launched in America ten years ago today.

    But yeah, I can’t WAIT for this game.

  2. The time when the blue blur smashed onto the screen, a large noise committed and almost scared me to death.

  3. Whatever this is, I can’t wait!

    And I hope to god it gets a DS and PC release… or that I get the right console! >.<

  4. you know today night i dreamed from that game….sega you are back.
    i welcome you, sonic the hedgehog 4!!!

  5. look sega this game looks amazing from the concept please please get rid of amy and co those characters are really horrible ( they make the game feels silly )
    here it is sonic ( gameplay plus story ) tails ( story only ) knuckles ( story only ) metal sonic ( rival ) eggman ( villain )
    no need for shadow since he isnt a classic character but they can put him if needed he is cool anyway
    AND THE REST PUT THEM IN THE HISTORY’S GARBAGE CAN cause that’s it sonic is no longer a joke to mario fans or other characters fans like nintendo’s kids ( mario and link )
    sonic is cool ok sega cool keep it up
    BTW i am getting it on my ps3 for sure

  6. Oh YES! Oh sweet mother of god, yes!

    If they bring back some of that funky bouncy rhythm music that was so well known for the old Sonic games then i think i’m going to cry blessed tears of holy joy over this game …as long as it plays well too, lol.

    I SO HAPPI ^___^

  7. Again, I will hold my breath and reserve all judgement until I see something. It is a little bit exciting though, isn’t it?

  8. HOLAS: ™


    *heads explode twice* *and other things happen wich can’t be described in this family firendly site*

    so…. err….. yeah….. not like i’m excited or something like that :_______________________D

    p.d: BTW that concept art looks like a worms level xD

  9. Oh SEGA you crafty bunch! Years of dreaming and hoping and it’s finally going to become a possible reality.

  10. Of course we all know what’s going to happen. Everyone’s excited now because “SEGA is finally giving the fans what they want” and “look! Green Hill Zone type level”, but I garantee as soon as the game comes out people will be bitching about how different it is to the Mega Drive games, or stupid little reasons like that. All I can say is that if SEGA have learnt from their mistakes with Unleashed then this will no doubt be the finest Sonic since S3&K.


    SEEGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ very happy

  12. I don’t think most of the people here even recognise the fact that production on this game started at least two or three years ago… meaning SEGA have been listening -before- then. Oi. Β¬_Β¬; Dreadknux, I’m looking at you and tutting. /joking

    But seriously, looking at doc a doc; you seem to be talking in a rather obnoxious tone, like you’re to run out and insult everybody who dares say otherwise. I -really- hope that’s just my imagination though.


    See we had had Sonic adventure Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Adventure 3 and then !Sonic Unleashed! (all of this were from the storybook “Adventure”
    From “Wii’s” storybook we had Sonic&the Secret Rings and Sonic&the Black Knight
    From the Hedgehog (since genesis) storybook we had Sonic The Hedgehog 1, Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Sonic The Hedgehog 3, Sonic & Knuckles (and the look-on tecnology with S2&K and S3&K), then we had Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 and now it seems we’r going to have SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 4 !!! (with the mechanichs from The Genesis ones and Unleashed)

  14. I came on the web looking for some Dreamcast retrospectives and to my surprise found this. Now to power up my Dreamcast for a celebration play-through.

  15. Wow, heck yes. Though seriously, if this is what can be taken as a “Sonic the Hedgehog 4”, depending on what that means (whether that means that this game happened chronologically before the 3D games, or that it’s simply a new game trying to capture the fundamentals of Sonic 1-3&K) then Amy, Shadow, and others may just be bound to be in this game, which I find nothing wrong with. I agree with how almost every (annoying) fan(boy) believes Sonic the Hedgehog himself should be in-game, but I see no problem with adding in other characters, and shuffling focus (which, actually, in recent games, it HAS been just Sonic) and allowing their gameplay be whatever *they* should be. So, this game may simply be “Sonic running around w/ simplistic electronic music playing, bouncing into robots w/ lil animals in them, fighting Eggman piloting a basic mech every two acts or so, and jumping on switches to open up containers w/ more lil animals in them, finishing a stage”, this should hardly be the norm from now on, though it should be done more often. Just like Sonic Rush, Sonic Riders, the Sonic storybook games, and the other Sonic games all co-existed, I think this game should continue as a sub-series of Sonic games, while games including Amy, Shadow, Rouge, Omega, Silver, etc. in both 2D & 3D should also be allowed to thrive. One thing I hope to see in this game is the return of a more casual, anywhere Super Sonic transformation.

  16. If this is truly Sonic the Hedgehog 4 (judging solely off the silhouette wings and banner and the concept art at the Project: Needlemouse website), and it is purely 2D, then I want to see Eggman be renamed Dr. Robotnik. Series continuity after all, right?

    Also, I’m wondering if it being multi-console means that there will be slight variations of it, like how Unleashed was with the Wii and PS2.

    Wish I could get my hopes up, but perhaps this just may be it. Maybe SEGA finally took our advice and stepped back to its roots like Capcom did with Megaman 9?

  17. Did anyone else see this in the interview :

    “I think the one character that has yet to find his place is Bark the Polar Bear. I hope he does eventually – it’d be nice to have a cool bear character. ”

    So, does this mean we’ll possibly see Bark and maybe Bean return (still hoping for a certain weasel though).

  18. HOLAS: ™


    i know, and at certain point i think i can agree with them… i don’t really expect “calssic genesis gameplay”…. but i really enjoyed advance series (except advance 2, wich bored me to death =/ )… and i loved the rush series (except fiding jhonny, wich was a pain xD)…

    i really enjoyed all the 2D games (as i said, advance 2 being the exception) SEGA throw at me… the fact is 2D makes me (almost sure) i wont be finding a lot of glitches in my way… add a (almost sure) kick ass soundtrack…. and some beatifull (almost sure) 2.5D enviorements… so yeah, there you have… i’m really excited about this one n_n

    @stuhp, the SoA ideas doesn’t have anything to do with continuity =P, and it don’t think this is a “megaman 9”, because i don’t see 16-bit graphics =P

    for me, i’m really hoping for a pc port, because i’m too poor to have even a PS2 U_u (****ing money convertion)

    now bring adventure 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *brick’d*

    *recovers*….. and shenm*shoted*

  19. Whoa… just whoa…

    The silhouette at the end looks interesting. Are they using the old design for Sonic for this game?

    Personally, I hope not. Sonic was fat back then.

  20. F**k YES =D my first feeling is that it’ll be some kind of HD remake, and i’m loving the name, a nod to the original Sonic naming process, although i could be wrong, seeing as the 20th Anniversary would be likely to implement something like that.
    I’ve been waiting for ages for an update for a new game, And now i’m really excited =D
    I like how they used the classic Sega sound too.

  21. @Humble Fellow: He either starved himself or got a growth spurt for ’06, and then started pity-eating a little after that… although I’m pretty sure he’s started keeping his weight in check now.

  22. *sigh* Whatever.

    I mean, screw the fact that there’s a hell of a lot more that can be done with this series. No, let’s just go right back where they started and play the same damn thing, purely because of the bitching and moaning everyone’s been doing since 2004.

    This’ll either be like daytime Unleashed or just HD Genesis and I don’t see the former happening if that terribly old-school emblem is any indication.

    And I just KNOW that certain members of this fanbase are currently going nuts, praising the heavens and, worst of all, bragging and rubbing their “victory” into everyone’s faces (don’t deny it).

    To me, it seems like Sega has officially given up.

  23. The most occurring word you guys are using – “I hope..”
    Just stop and enjoy the trailer.

  24. @Jix Hedgehog

    “I hope…”

    The reason why you’re hearing that a lot is because there is still a large element of distrust between the fans and Sonic Team. Before we see any gameplay footage all we can do is hope.

  25. Surely a remake is out of the question, you cannot put “All-new” in the teaser trailer and then reveal “we have done a remake”. That to me would be a slap in the face and a kick in the nuts. It looks like a new one to me, but I still can’t help but feel that they have given in to the moaners. The moaners who have done nothing for Sega but talk trash about damn near every game they have done since SA2.
    Anyways, I wonder If we have CG cutscenes. Most likely I would say. However because it is a 2D adventure, those backgrounds better be ruddy special otherwise I will not be happy. Not just some mediocre picture that has movement every 3 minutes. There has to be something special in those backgrounds.

  26. Ryan: Personally, I don’t want them trying to do “more” and failing if not doing “more” means we’ll get an entirely good Sonic game. They can work on improvements when they give us a finely-tuned basic game.

  27. Hmm…

    I guess Sega has gave up…
    Which is sad…
    I hope Sonic doesn’t go pixelated…which it looks like he isn’t…
    I just don’t want 2D Sonic all the way…

    if they are using the 2.5D they used for Unleashed, then i’m fine with it…
    Right now I’m in need of more info of this new game.

    I wonder what characters will make it to the game?
    If it’s gonna be Sonic alone, i’ll be mad…even though Sonic Unleashed was fun.

  28. ALRIGHT!

    I can’t wait until they announce the new power: Emo Sonic! He uses his wimpy guitar riffs and emotional, heartfelt lyrics to make evil feel s- fuck, I can’t continue this. I’m gonna have to wait before jumping on the typical OMG NEW GAME WILL BE AWESOME bandwagon.

  29. heh heh, I’m gonna love this!!! usually Gamespot messes with Sonic, but oh well SONIC 2010!!!
    I also borrowed my friend’s Dreamcast 4 the Dreamcast anniversary =3

  30. Phew… there I was thinking they were going to go a whole few months without a REAL Sonic game announcement at the least.

    Well, the teaser has done its job. We’ve been teased. And I feel like crying with joy. I’m hoping they don’t play up that “Speed” thing too much, but having played and adored Sonic Unleashed’s Daytime stages in the PS3 version, if they can keep that up, they’ve got me sold.

    So far, I don’t see any hidden gimmicks, so we may indeed have our wishes made true! Hey, throw in some 2-player head-to-head and I’ll start forwarding money to Sega just for being good sports =)

  31. It seems like they are keeping up with Nintendo’s “New Super Mario Bros. Wii”. I would not be suprised if this is a 2D console adventure game with Multiplayer simultaneous game play. Wouldn’t that be great?

  32. I hope they’ll have more playable characters in the game such as Amy, Tails, Knuckles and others.

  33. Hm, so it’s not necessarily “2D” if that art is what the stages will be like. o.O It’ll just be weird to see 2D sprites (or, 2D Sonic anyway) running and jumping on clearly 3D platforms and what-not. If it’s a classical remake (or reimagining) with better-than-Rush+Chronicles-graphics, then ok, nice. Seriously, I hope it’s a good balance… Either revamped remake, or Sonic Advance wannabe. But not some kind of new gimmick they’re going to implement altogether, I like my Tails and my Amy and my Shadow and my Silver and my Rouge and my Omega and my Cream, etc. in their proper places… I hope “most” fans haven’t got *exactly* what they’ve hoped for. >.<

  34. I think this is going to be a remake of sonic 1, It can be an ALL NEW remake.

    I think sonic should be mute.

    If this is new they should use new 16bit music hahaha

  35. Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many posetive comments about a new Sonic game ever before. Well. I’m not going to say anything or get to hyped. I will judge the game when I sit there and play it.
    So i’m not going to freak out, I’m not going to get excited. Beacuse, if this game is bad when it comes out. I will be more unhappier if I’ve bein hyped for this game….proably.
    But I will proably enjoy it anyway. But only becaus it’s 2D. It dosen’t mean that this game will rock.

  36. I’ve got to wonder. Did Sega do this because they thought it would be a nice change of pace, or because they simply had no choice?

    They should’ve called it Project Fanwank!

  37. thats realy cool! i cant wait!! im shocked that sega has alot of stuff on their plates for 2010 but still cant wait! needle mouse or say Sonic the Hedgehog 4…..i welcome you to the next generation of consoled for you to rule on!

  38. While I am happy about a new Sonic game, I can’t say I’m happy with this whole “2D” thing. To me ‘Black Knight’ offered fan service the right way with hints of nostalgia and community involvement with artwork. But with this game all I can feel is SEGA giving in to all the moaners and whiners of the series. Either way I’m sure it will turn out well…I just wished SEGA had gone with the new ideals that Unleashed had set up. Oh well, I’ll keep my trap shut until we get some more info on this. But just because it’s all “ZOMFG 2D!!” will not automatically make it a great game. :/

  39. DAMN YOU SEGA!! DAMN YOU!!! You know how to get us all totally pumped by trailers!! True it being 2D does not automatically make it a great game (cough Sonic Rush Adventure), BUT it makes it far more likely. Either way I’ll be keeping my eye on this. But please Sega NO MORE GIMMIKS and a simple non clusterfucked story please.

  40. Lol, some of these comments have made me see how much we as a community suck. XD We moan at them for putting new things in and want to go back to the roots, they try it, do a half decent job and we still moan. Now they try to go for a full push to bringing it back to basics and we’re moaning about that! XD

  41. WATCH it’s going to be a remake of Sonic 1, just watch. The clues are right there. Project “Needlemouse”, Sonic’s original name. The old school style Sega chant, the use of the word “returns”, it’s going to be 2D, the teaser site has snippets of Green Hill style landscape, and the use of the old emblem that Sonic would appear in at the title screen of every game at the end of the trailer.

    I’ll be damned if it’s something completely different.

  42. Whens the last time you heard the words “All-New” describe a remake? If its a recreation of an old game, then not all of it is new, hence the name.

    But seriously though, its nice that Sega realizes that they simply can’t make a great 3d Sonic and are going back to what works.

  43. Interesting. Kind of disappointed Sega decided to go THIS way with Sonic, especially if they continue this route in the future, but as long as it’s a good game I won’t complain!

    Well, unless it’s a remake or handheld game. Then I’ll be disappointed/moderately relieved, respectively.

  44. @ Grinder : That silhouette at the end looks worrying, is sonic changing?

    I had to pause to have a look too, seemed like the top of his head was somewhat flat, but then I realized its probably the circle arch he’s in. You can sort of make it out.. classic Sonic

  45. Im actually kinda excited for this lol, HOPEFULLY there doing shit right a console version of Sonic Rush like gameplay only 2D with the playable characters only being Sonic Knuckles an Tails, You can tell its 2d just look at the spin ball,

    Little known fact Needle Mouse was Sonic’s original name, or part of it…, either way BIG HINT Sega is finnaly taking our hero back to its roots GOOD LUCK SEGA SHOW US WHAT YOU CAN DO!!

  46. It looks… OK, but I’m a bit worried about where it’s going… First, I also read the article and it says it’ll be HD? To me, that equals PS3 and/or 360. Second, I (as do a lot of others) like the SA and after games and this looks like an updated, old-school Sonic game. Not that I don’t like his older games, it’s just that I prefer his recent ones. *sigh* Prepare for the worst, but hope for the best.

  47. HOLAS: ™

    i actually want to facepalm at some reactions crying like it’s going to be the end of 3D sonic xD

    seriously, i’m pretty sure next year they are going to announce “the 20th aniversary game”… and that’s going to be 3D with hedgehog engine 2.0 and all that things we love πŸ˜‰

    BTW, that wasn’t sarcasm

  48. A new 2D Sonic Adventure?!


    I wonder what’ll be for?

    DS? PSP? Wii? 360?

    Is it going to be an original Sonic downloadable game?

    Ooh! I’m gettin’ anxious already!

  49. Ah ha ha. Sega you tricky thing. You have a lot of tricks up your sleeve, good and bad.

    I have hopes for this.

  50. Something tells me that that is a super sonic silhouette looking at the shape of it. I’m hyped!

  51. Let’s just hope SEGA doesn’t went as far as bringing “Needle Mouse” into the name or a part of the game. The project title has me worried.

  52. Haha what if they brought back the original idea of Sonic, Fangs, Girl Friend Madonna the Rock Band all that shit lmao, Sonic The Needle Mouse wow Sega, I PRAY this is a remake of the 1st 3 games and not just the 1st cause its no short for todays standards

  53. @sonic 3d fans who said sega would give up:
    hey guys just take it easy.
    seag will probabbly never give up making a new exciting sonic game, but the “moaning” fans has been waiting for 15 years for a sequel of their childhood memories.
    imagine…. 15 YEARS!!!
    i think sega tries with that game to convince all ols “moaners” that they haven’t forgot them.
    so 3d sonic fans just relax… and see maybe you will also get so hyped for this game like me, even if i am a also a 3d sonic fan (=
    let’s just love the hedgehog by playing his games oaky?

  54. Double Post:
    I wouldn’t get excited yet, as suggested by the legitmacy of needlemouse.com, this could be something else entirely. So far to what I can come up with is that this is a fan project considering that Sega does not have the rights to remake anything Green Hill (to what I know) and the needlemouse legitmacy,

    the images (needlemouse) are fake but the game (if real) is classical considering the sound effects, movements (Green Hill tunnels and loopy da loopities), and emblem styled logo

    this is a new team found by Yuji entitled Probe,

    or it’s the real deal.

    I would like to wait & see what else this will entail, but I am hopeful of;
    More than one character being optionally playable
    Special Stages
    The Chaos Emeralds not being used as part of the story except for “hidden” or “real” endings (Sonic Adventure Briefs FTW)
    Super in every level
    Super Emeralds
    Hyper anywhere
    Elemental Shields
    Skins (Scourge, Dark Super Sonic, Etc.) so they’re in the game without being their own character or part of the story
    Cameos (Tails Doll:))

    That’s all I can think of for the moment.

  55. Whoa whoa whoa STU ^ Settle down there :O
    We want a classic Sonic game without the BS (cuts your list down to Special Stages and Chaos Emeralds)

  56. imarafan, Eggman123, I just really hope you’re right. I AM excited about this game, but at the same time, in the back of my head, I’m worried about the possibility of Project Needlemouse spreading and overshadowing the 3D games from now on…. I actually ENJOY story in my games, and I’m not a big fan of perpetually silent characters, heck, Sonic & co. are some of the only way back silent characters who at least got voices with which to express themselves and did so. Link’s still “…….”, Mario’s improved to simple sentences, etc… Also, really, from what I get from the “moaners”, it’s not because they’re 3D, it’s just coincidentally the ones they didn’t like have been 3D. (like I haven’t heard TOO much criticism towards the 2 Sonic Rush games) They should try to make a 3D game that covers all the things people like without ruining things the other people like. Give us some good 3D visuals, like the sweetness that would be a 3D Sonic CD opening, show us how viewtiful Sonic can be in 3D. Give us story, and cutscenes, but allow gameplay to outweigh the cutscenes. Make a game that isn’t too short. Try to give us a setup like Sonic Adventure, you can play as characters besides Sonic, but it’s optional. The return of a legitimate Chao Garden would be nice. There’s so many ways the 3D games could be done differently to balance everyone’s wants in a Sonic game…

  57. Uhm, more than one optional character, Elemental Shields, Super Emeralds, Hyper, and Saves ARE parts of classic Sonic games. Unless by “classic”, you mean “Sonic the Hedgehog” for Sega Genesis.

  58. They should just call this Sonic The Hedgehog 4. I’m well excited.

    HD means it’s gotta be 360/PS3 and ALL NEW means it won’t be a remake. Just noticed some people’s comments wondering about that stuff.

  59. @Crystalphoenix: I seriously doubt that Sega would do that. I think they’re just making this game to shut the fanbase up for a few years or so. I can see the game’s slogan now: “There, happy now?”

    Besides, who knows? Maybe they could turn this into a spinoff series alongside the storybook series. Releasing games like this between ones with more Unleashed style gameplay. That would be the best decision imho.

  60. 9th post from the top –

    in before Will Tails and Knuckles Be Playable
    in before Will There Be Chao Gardens

    So lets focus on other things.

  61. I just read the interview…
    The HD 2D graphics better be something TOTALLY OUT OF THIS WORLD. I mean, whatΒ΄s this, an arcade game?
    And the gameplay better make up for that.

  62. @ Crystalphoenix:
    You have Phoenix in your name, awsome. If what you mean by “classic” is Sonic 3 & Knuckles/modernish, yes. I to would like to see GOOD story in this game, with cutscenes of some sort

    @ Jix:
    HAHAHAHAHA! You couldn’t type my name, no offense. I also would like Chao Gardens. XD

    @ KTV:
    In inter-response to Jix to, I would like to see mind blowing visuals & juice and jam packed content, such as my list.

    Also, to please the people whom DO NOT WANT such things taking up precious (?) game memory, downloadable content! Though I sadly have a Wii and nothing else. πŸ™

  63. @ Stu : I could’ve type your full name, but Stu sounds better πŸ˜›
    Why would you want Chao gardens back? Thats not traditional at all πŸ™

  64. ^Edit
    type = typed

    Also Stu, you’re taking this way over board, if Sega actually put in everything you listed, 99% of the community won’t be happy πŸ™

  65. Oh dear, the broken fanbase comes out to play. Some people want classic Sonic and some people want the later stuff.

    Personally, the Sonic stages from Unleashed and Sonic Adventure 1 would do me fine. Put Tails and Knux in too, a la S&K. And – yes – the Chaos Emeralds and Super Sonic setup from the 16-bit originals.

    Oh, and less bottomless pits would be just peachy, thanks Sega.

  66. While I am excited that it is a new and actual Sonic game without crossovers (I.E. Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olymics), I am also kind of confused and relieved. At least they’re not making another bs-y Storybook Series game, and, to be honest, how much farther could they go? How many stories will they have to remake before they run out? I think this is a nice change of pace, as well as a stall tactic. Yes, let us have our old nostalgia way back when Sonic was mute and fat, BUT, if this turns out to be a huge success, let us see if out next new Storybook game will also.

    I’m not ripping on the Storybook Series at all, I personally enjoy the gameplay, It’s just that I think that they’re running out of ideas fast so they (more than likely) remade an old one.

    Let us pray that it will be as awesome as S3 and S3&K (Which I only played in Mega Collection, Sonic is 4 years older than me), and that some (if not all) of our hopes for it are granted.

    2010, baby! Woooo!

  67. @ Jix:
    Your right, Stu is cooler. It’s even funnier that Stuart is my middle name. XD
    Also, I’m just listing what I’d like to see. If you disagree, that’s fine, but I’m only speaking on my opinion and view point considering IF anything mentioned ends up in the game (I can dream). I’m really not trying to force anything onto anyone, and if it seems like I am, I apologize for any offense taken.

    I will say that though it’s been already discussed, Sonic doesn’t look like himself, even with Emblem interference.

    Something I just realized as well, Wentos, the person who “tipped” us of this game a year or so ago has the same name of a certain someone in Unleashed. Not only that, but Unleashed Wentos is a traveling sales men, and tipper Wentos has traveling sales men somewhere in his name, if I’m recalling correctly. Is there a connection? Does it mean Chao Gardens because of the puppet in Unleashed? Does it mean that Wentos will appear in this game to? This could be a clue.

  68. Sorry Double Post

    @ Tom:
    Are you Ntom64/Hellfire? Your playthroughs & commentary are quite interesting and funny. When would you get the end of Unleashed posted with commentary?

  69. @Humble Fellow:
    agree in all you said
    @ Jix:
    chao garden was always optional and many guys (like me) like them so many guys want them back or don’t cre if they come back

    i am just so freaking happy to maybe have a game which will surpass S3&K or CD =D

  70. @ Halia Badger:
    I thought the same thing about the story book series, inless if the do more modern classics (Sonic + DaVinci Code = πŸ™ fail). Inless is a new word. XD

    @ Eggman123:
    The Chao Gardens is actually the part of SA2Battle that I really enjoyed, so I’m actually very said that they have not returned with all the Sonic Chronicles Chao and Unleashed Chao levels tease.

  71. “Speed returns”?


    they shouldn’t get rid of the speed in the first place!

    agh… nevermind, is no use ranting right now

    well, this game excites me and worries me at the same time

    what excites me is the fact that they may change Sonic’s design back of how he looked back in Sonic CD or so, and the fact that is going to be 2D

    the things that worries me is that if they’re no using 3D or even 2.5D at all (like in SU)…well, I liked the graphics back at the genesis time, but…not that much to bring’em back, and makes me think they’re going to make it a la “megaman 9” in other words: a Downloable game

    that makes me sad, the Wii points system doesn’t work in my country, plus my Wii has a chip to read pirate copies (so I cant actualize it), so unfortunately if its a downloable game I wont have a chance to play it :C

    PS: forgive my crappy english, Im feeling a bit tense and I cant type correctly

  72. @ Eggman123 : Chao gardens weren’t really optional if you wanted everything completed in Sonic Adventure / 2. I’d love to see Chao back too, but then they’d have to release a portable mini version of the game.. and that’ll be a problem if Needlemouse turns out to be multiplatform.

    @ Axl-fox : When was speed ever really a part of a Sonic game? Apart from gaining speed from downhill slopes and tunnels ..

  73. @ Jix:
    The chao could be exclusive to Nintendo and/or Sony with the DS & PSP. Also, they could do something similar (?) to the Dreamcasts VMUs & memory cards. Also, also, I think Sega is/was going to release a portable console called “Sega vision.” I don’t think that it would play real games though. Copy and paste this Url, it’s an article of this “console.”


    On a similar note, what about the “Wentos” connection in “needlemouse” & Unleashed.

  74. @ Stu :
    Nice find, me wanty! πŸ™‚
    That would work as a portable Chao garden, if they can get it to work on all 3 major consoles then the sky is the limit.

    Sega would have to step up game development so it would have some kind of function with future games…

    As for Wentos, I doubt he’ll have anything to do with this game, but he’ll be back with the Werehog

  75. HOLAS: ™

    “*Watches trailer again*

    Goosebumps πŸ˜€
    and my arm hairs are standing up :O”

    YOU ARE TURNING INTO A WEREHOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:

    ehem…. back on topΓ­c

    yeah, i think this could work pretty well as a spin off series, but wouldn’t this make some sort of console wars between the 2d and 3d fans arguing each other about what game is bett…. OH WAIT

  76. Haha, I was about to cut you off but you did it yourself.
    Spin off series? Make this the MAIN series again!
    Everything after Sonic Adventure (1) is now officially a spin off πŸ˜€

  77. I am very excited! At last!
    A Happy Birthday to the Dreamcast. Great gift.

    I hope it’s a great game. But even if it’s not, I’ll still love the anticipation.

  78. @ Jix:
    Maybe Sega purposly leaked the information about this game, or knew the name (internet) of the person who leaked (hehe, leaked). I just find the coincidence (?) funny.

    As for the story line of the series, as a whole, I wouldn’t mind seeing them cut some of Heroes’s story and pick up after that. Mainly because Heroes had some issues with some parts of story; Shadow the Hedgehog was random, pointless, and didn’t make much sense; Sonic 06, enough said 0.o; & Unleashed could have done some things differently like replace professer pickles (though he’s cool) with Knuckles considering the Chaos Emeralds temples (you’d think he’d have some tablets or something), Werehog being out of control (like it seemed in the trailers), and Sonic in a more and more human world (WTF). Remember, I’m talking about the story & not the gameplay.

  79. Stu :

    Remember when part of Unleashed got leaked and Sega denied it? You might be onto something..!
    You’re spot on with the games, Knuckles was on Angel Island during Unleashed I supposed.. if he hadn’t have been, more people would’ve complained. Pickles was alright, Tails finally had someone who he could get a second opinion from who wasn’t like “Lets head in there, guns blazing”.

    One thing occurred to me today.. how come the trailer isn’t in Japanese? Back to roots would mean it would be developed by SoJ right?

  80. HOLAS: ™

    “Spin off series? Make this the MAIN series again!
    Everything after Sonic Adventure (1) is now officially a spin off”

    thank *insert divine beign of preference here* this topic is dead…. otherwise it would piss off a lot of people….

    “One thing occurred to me today.. how come the trailer isn’t in Japanese? Back to roots would mean it would be developed by SoJ right?”

    this could mean 2 things:

    1) they’re denying it’s existence like you said they did with unleashed

    2) maybe it’s developed in SoA!!!!1! 8D

    …and archie *shoted to death by a barrage of baseball balls*

    anyways…. the second choice doesn’t seem that crazy (taking off the archie part), since “back to the roots” doesn’t necesary means SoJ, because most of sonic’s “roots” aren’t there anymore…. so…. i think by “back to the roots” they mean it gameplay wise, not team wise. yay for me being general obvious (i’m better than capitain!!!!)

  81. Captain Obvious is the greatest of all heros. He has a comic life spaning over 9000 issues.

    @ imarafan:
    Sega of America did have a lot to do with the first game, and Sonic has always been targeting american audiences (I feel cared about), so it’s not entirely surprising that this teaser is in english. Infact, Sonic would be in a traveling rock band with a stereotypical girlfriend and fangs (like Rouge originally had) if it wasn’t for SoA.

    @ Jix:
    I was talking about how those temples that “restored” the Chaos Emeralds been there for how long & Knuckles having all of those ancient tablets about the chaos emeralds, you would think Sonic would go to Angel Island to find Knuckles to find out about what was happening than some human. Also, it would be cool to hear Knuckles make a stupid comment, like he always does, about how Angel Island is no longer (to what’s been told) THE floating Island. Thinking about, Jet and the Babylon Rogues could do that, but I will agree they should not see anything beyond the Riders series. I suppose my overall problem (hehe, Mario) is that there’s already characters that could’ve done the same thing Professor Pickle did, even the souviner (?) thing. Though Tails (not appearing much these days) did need someone to agree with him intellectually, other than Robotnik. I just hope that story line wise that they don’t make a character that serves or does the samething another does.

    And finally in response to the “Wentos theory,” this could all be some complicated sceme (?) by Sega to publicise their games. I mean, it really can’t be some sort of coincidence that someone named Wentos gave some information in regards to “Needlemouse” and a character appearing in the upcoming (of the time that the information was given) named exactly the same thing. Course that all really seems crazy really.

  82. I miss you DREAD!!!
    We needa talk more.
    I’ve sorta been mean to my Sonic city and haven’t updated it in forevers.
    But, everyday I still visit your site!
    I still sleep with my Tails doll too!
    I misssssh you. D:

    <3 tailsy

  83. Tails Doll, creepy. Random comment, creepier. No offense, it’s just in a wierd place, where it could make more sense to post it in his and/or recent article.

  84. What I want in this game:
    Sonic, Tails, & Knuckles as playable characters (more would be nice)
    14 Zones with 2 Acts each
    have 5 mission for each Act
    1st: Clear the stage
    2nd: Collect 100 rings
    3rd: Find the missing chao
    4th: Complete the stage under a time limit
    5th: Beat Hard Mode
    (like SA2)
    Have leaderboards (FOR ONCE!)
    Battle other people online (FOR ONCE!)
    and the ability to go into super state on normal stages

    If you do this SEGA, with good graphics, a great soundtrack, and game play we all know and love; You will have the greatest Sonic game in the face of the world

  85. HOLAS: ™

    @BlueHedgehog25: you forgot to mention you have to make all optional so people who doesn’t want to waste time looking for a chao can play the levels as they please πŸ˜›

  86. Something else that would be enjoyable to see, some classic Sonic references (Juice and jam), and bad 90’s lines (YEAH! This is happenin! (?)).

  87. I’m going to stab myself for asking this a year too early but… new info please! πŸ™‚

  88. Look, the only thing Sega has to do is Remake Sonic Unleashed and use only the day time stages, add a lot more stages, and use a lot of the fundamentals of the sonic rush games. I think they actually might have it this time. But then again, that’s what I always think…

    ps. Did they forget about sonic going UNDERWATER! That was challenging and fun!!! Don’t chage the cut scenes, they’re always cool! Especially in Unleashed! You can do it SEGA!!!!

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