Check Out This Awesome Sonic Fan Movie Trailer

Check Out This Awesome Sonic Fan Movie Trailer

Ever wondered what a modern day animated SatAM themed Sonic movie might look like when done right? Well check out this awesome Fan Movie Trailer by ‘A Knothole Resident’. Great job! –

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  1. I prefer this way, in 2D. I´m sick of 3D, it´s good to see some good 2D animation. The only problem in this trailer in my opinion that Sonic is offmodel in some scenes – different artists styles. Otherwise is great, even for me who isn´t a fan of Sonic SatAm.

  2. Can you believe that the movie was in the making for 2 years, and that the movie will be 2 HOURS AND 10 MINUTES?! This is so freakin’ awesome!!!

  3. A Knothole Resident is back? I remember he telling us the movie he was planning would have to turn into a fan project. I guess this is it.

    Nice trailer. The animation doesn’t look so professional, but it’s still good.

    I like 3D but 2D animation should always have a place.

  4. It looks pretty good, but the animation is obviously flash based, which, having watched every cartoon on newgrounds from the years 2000 to 2004, is very noticeable to me and very annoying. If this actually turns out to be a full length movie, I’ll watch it, and applaud the amount of effort that went into it, and if the story and voice acting are any good, then I’ll enjoy it. For a fan trailer though, it looks pretty good.

  5. SatAM is by far the best animated Sonic series. Best storyline to make amovie out of too. Glad this video doesn’t have Dulcy or Antoine, those two sure did eat up a lot of screen time.

  6. I love how I’ve seen a lot of hate towards this cause it’s based on SatAM but no-one complains that the comics are derived from SatAM. Funny that. I enjoyed this. Animation was pretty good but again, it’s a shame they’re using flash.

  7. For flash animation, I have to say Robotnik’s shot with the Buzzbombers behind doesn’t even look like it’s flash. It’s impressive. I like the Buzzbombers’ design too. The only thing I find wrong in it is the way Robotnik is holding the emerald. It’s like it’s gonna slip through its fingers anytime.

  8. Dulcy = No sense

    Antoine = Sonic’s target for jokes and comic relief for the series as a whole.

    I’m speaking in terms of the cartoon by the way.

  9. WOW is this true? i hope to ermmmm… heaven and back it is i have been a loyal sonic fan for more than 10 years now 😀

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