S&SASR: New Characters, Screens and Trailer

S&SASR: New Characters, Screens and Trailer


SEGA have revealed some new screens and a trailer for Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing at Gamescom and in them we can see some new characters. We now have Knuckles(which according to reports is the last Sonic character in the game), Beat from Jet Set Radio, Billy Hatcher(you can guess what game he’s from) and Alex Kidd(you can guess that too).


Some new tracks are also on show such as Bingo Highway, another track from Sonic Heroes, a jungle level from Super Monkey Ball and another track seen in the screen shot below. If you know which game its from let us know in the comments.


The game looks to be shaping up well and can only improve before its 2010 release in Europe. The U.S. version of the trailer moves a step further and reveals a February 2010 release date for that territory. Stay tuned for more info from our playtest at Summer of Sonic later this month

Check out more screens over at SEGA Europe’s website.


  1. It -is- meant to be ‘Sonic -and SEGA All-Stars- Racing’. Anyway, NICE to see Alex Kidd in there! I have good memories of that game! I think we had a portable version of it, I’m not sure. I didn’t even know what game it was, mind you, until I did some research about a year or so ago and I spotted some footage… the floodgates opened.

  2. The screen shot looks like Bingo Highway. In Sonic Heroes I’m pretty sure it said “Fireball” in glowing lights somewhere in the level.

  3. I just watched the trailer, and at 14 seconds they are racing down a tunnel made of cards, I definately remember that from city of dreams.

  4. I like the looks of the game, but I don’t like the idea of only 6 Sonic characters…they should add a few more in and it will be great for the character roster.

  5. That image of the unknown track that you have on there, I know what it is: Casino Park from Sonic Heroes. The reason I think this is because of the letters in the image: REBAL. If you will remember, Casino Park had large floating letters that said “Fireball” scattered about the level, so there is a good chance that this track is, in fact, Casino Park.

  6. So the new characters they revealed in this video are 1. Knuckles 2. Alex Kidd 3. Billy Hatcher. Any others? So as of currently we have, Sonic, Big, Amy, Tails, Robotnik, Knuckles, Shadow, Billy, Alex Kid, Aiai, Amigo. 1 characters right? Did I miss any?

  7. We need 2 stages and 6 Sonic characters:

    -Space Colony ARK from Sonic Adventure 2
    -Eggman Land from Sonic Unleashed

  8. Sorry for the double!

    @ Barry: I think it’s Casino Highway. It’s a Sonic Heroes level, and this game is going to have them. I mean, seriously, we already know that one of the levels is Seaside Hill.

  9. sega doesnt scew up sill nilly! AHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! but that level above is actually still bingo highway, the background is the same as the video, its just not on the poker chips half of the track. the buildings are the same too, come on, never played sonic heroes!?

  10. could that level me megalo station from sonic riders? Or maybe a casino are from outrun2006. I just throwing these out there by the way.

  11. oh, I didn’t see Beat before. i guess there’s 12 characters then. Where is Ulala? You know what would be cool, Toejam and Earl racing in their Spaceship. Ecco the Dolphin would be cool too, but Dolphins can’t drive cars very easily 🙁

  12. ITS NOT AN UNKNOWN LEVEL! ITS BINGO HIGHWAY!!!!! its got the same buildings as a scene in the trailer, which was bingo highway, it just looks like a fancy loop in the picture!

  13. According to Digital Sumo, the levels we’ve seen are:
    Seaside Hill
    Blizzard Castle
    Jumble Jungle
    Casino Park

    So the “skyscraper” area is still the casino level.

  14. looks like there are only 8 racers at a time. You’d think since Mario Kart upped it to 12, they’ed have 12 in this game too.

  15. I thinking that NiGHTS or Ulala prehaps. For stages I wish put one from SA2 like City Escape or Radical City.

  16. Looks awsome! Too bad there isn’t more sonic characters.

    @ Eggman123:
    Could be the hedgehog engine, I wouldn’t be surprised. However, isn’t it on the Wii too?

  17. Does anyone know if NiGHTS is going to be in it? I would check Silva Rymes facebook link but it will not grant me access because I don’t have a facebook account. >-<

  18. @Eggman123, at SEGANerds it was confirmed that the game is running on the same engine that Superstars Tennis and the latest Virtua Tennis titles (3 and 2009) run on. Obviously the engine was tweaked for a racing game, but yeah, no Hedgehog engine.

  19. Looks fun but with Mario Kart setting the standard for kart racing…we will have to see how this one turns out. I’m glad to see some old favorites making a return such as Beat and Alex Kdd.

  20. 1) the engine they’re using its called the “Sunshine” engine, not hedgehog engine, this is good since the Wii can support that engine so there wont be differences beetwen Wii and Xbox versions

    2) @Silva: your link is broken

    3) that unkonw track its either the Casino stage, or probably the 80’s boulevar from Sonic Riders 2

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