Sonic Watch At Weston Super Mare

Sonic Watch At Weston Super Mare

So I’ve just returned from my 5 day holiday with my wife at Weston Super Mare which was awesome by the way but before returning to the news hunting I thought you guys our devoted readers might be interested in a few Sonic findings we came across.

Dales mobile pics 063

First we have your bog standard game shop use of him in their banner together with Mario on the other side which I kinda cut out of the pic(no offence Mario fans). The store was pretty cool, plenty of DVD’s, games and music. Like an indepent HMV except these guys are cool enough to sell cool stuff in their cabinets and even loose Game Boy, DS and PSP games.

Dales mobile pics 050
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Second we have a ride I have dubbed ‘Sonic Chaos 2: The Revenge’ since the ride is called ‘Chaos’, Sonic is pictured on it and the ride looks like something Eggman could come up with to terrorise all those screaming people I often heard riding it.

Dales mobile pics 068

Last we have an awesome Sonic spray paint job me, the wife and the always awesome Flyboy Fox who we met up with there there on Thursday found while trekking through the town. I almost didn’t see it as it’s been painted on the bottom corner of one of those big green/black electricity boxes. The artist ‘enza’ must be an hardcore fan to use Sonic’s movie artwork all but having him hold a spray paint can instead of the normal peace symbol.

Weston Super Mare, we salute your Sonic love.

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  1. AWSOME, Sonic spray paint! I don’t support grafetti, but I can admire it when it’s more tasteful and art like. 1st

  2. interesting. This somehow proves that people actually like sonic and the ova. I came across a place like this once called “super sonix car wash” which had a picture of a red hedgehog riding a car. 😀

  3. I rode Chaos (and the EXTREME ride behind it!) when the fair came to town this year and both were pretty damn scary in their own way, I certainly wouldn’t discard the idea of them being inventions by Dr. Eggman. Or at least him doing some tinkering in making them as loose as possible.

    Nice use of the OVA art as well, matches the graffiti style very well. Now I gotta replicate that in Jet Set Radio somehow. :p

  4. @Everyone: Or he could’ve just typed Sonic in Google. But pretty good for just a spray job.

  5. SKrown…WTF! It is Bratz! Urrrggg…I hate bratz…they are…so I don’t! know…I just remember when I was younger everyone seem to ahve bratz and play with them..and I…I had Sonic.

    Anyway. I’m just going to say this one time…OK. So listen carefully!

    SONIC RULES!!!!!

  6. That store is ran by a creepy guy who clearly smokes something! When I lived their, the amount of times he ripped me off or fucked me over with dodgy second hand games. STAY AWAY…

    Rant over <3

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