M&S Trailer 3, Interview And New Screens

M&S Trailer 3, Interview And New Screens


After the original leak, SEGA have now officially unveiled the third trailer for the hotly anticipated Mario & Sonic Olympics sequel which this time round see’s them join the Winter Games in Vancouver. This new trailer officially reveals Silver the Hedgehog and Bowser.Jr as new playable characters to go with the last trailers revelations of Metal Sonic and Donkey Kong.


SEGA Europe have also had an exclusive interview with David Corless, Head of Marketing on the game who reveals the differences between this game and the first one and his favourite events among other things. Check out the full interview in the video above.

Source: Sonic City Blognik


SEGA have also revealed many new screenshots from both the Wii and DS versions of the game including new areas like Sonic Adventure 2’s Radical Highway level, some new Dream Events and even Dream Snowball Fight. You can find more screens over at Official Nintendo Magazine’s website.


  1. So far, the story mode seems to be DS exclusive. Maybe I’ll just buy the DS version and rent the Wii version.

  2. ” You are using your body more in this version ”

    My arms are still sore from the first game D:

  3. Using my body more? BLASPHEMY!!!

    Anyway, looks and sounds like this is going to be a superior title to the last. Hope it’s more critically acclaimed than it will be commercially.

  4. You all might think i’m crazy, but, I am so glad Silver is going to be in the game. I love Silver

  5. silver still needs a good game but i like that fellow.
    dammn sega! dont make me buy another game of yours just because of the hedgehog

  6. Looks great. I’m way excited for this game. I’m really hoping that they add more characters though, my fingers are crossed for Birdo. My wife loves Birdo, she didn’t get too into the first olympic games because of its lack of Birdo.

  7. @Stephen

    It’s indeed possible that they may include Sonic’s SOAP shoes in that new Mii clothing shop that was unveiled recently. If they are, I’ll be one happy camper.

  8. Hell yeah!! So what if he debut’d in a crappy game? Silver is kickass!!
    After looking at those screenshots, I’m official even more syced for this game than ever!! I can’t wait to put my Mii in a Sonic costume lol.

    Also, the first level from Sonic Heroes in the dream event has snow in it. A beach with snow, now THERE’S something you don’t see everyday!!

  9. So some feedback about this interview. Why was he CONSTANTLY hesitating? Like he didn’t know that game. *Suspicious Dog Eyes*

  10. @Jackskellinghog: You shouldn’t get suspicious. Not everyone can read cue cards quickly.

  11. Silver’s presence in this trailer just makes me laugh XD I’m pleased about the new additions, but could he be more underplayed? His only appearances involve:

    1) Being on a podium WAY at the back
    2) Playing Curling (which I really laughed at)
    3) High-Fiving Yoshi.

    Good to see him in, good to see Bowser Jr. and the others in of course, but wow. This trailer just slapped him in the face XD

  12. well he is one of a whole bunch of charas
    and i still dont get used to shadow and luigi being together O_o

  13. @ sonictoast:
    Not to be mean, but a fun fact about Birdo is that she is a he. Look it up.

    @ HunterTSF:
    There’s going to be a Mii clothing store/channel?! 0.o Yes!

  14. That interview (by the end of it) had me giddy with suspense as to how completely AWESOME that game is going to be!!! ^-^ One thing, though; he said that the DS version is going to have an RPG story mode, right? I hope that I’ll be cool (no pun intended) ’cause the last game that I played like this (other than the original M&S) was Rayman Arena and that storyline was said only in the instruction manual. Loved the cutscenes, though, I feel bad for Murphy, ’cause he’s one of my fav characters ever. ^_^’

  15. @SilverPwns

    Really? You like Silver? I never would’ve guessed! ^-^

    Yeah, I’m glad Silver’s in this one too! BTW, do you watch SilverKnux1991 (formerly Silverknux91 ) on youtube? I never would’ve guessed it, but he’s a Silver fan too! Awesome vids, especially when he’s with shadow759! ^-^

  16. The official site updated with more info about the characters. Each one has soundbites when you click them, and Metal Sonic sounds like he’s having a malfunction.

    It also says that Blaze is from another dimension, while Silver is from the future. If we only knew how Eggman Nega can be in two places at once, we’d have the mystery solved…

  17. probabbly he has some crazy super time and space travel machine!!!
    we all will know after the super spin off:
    Marine the Raccoon!!!!
    or they just let eggman nega die… i mean one eggman is enough O_o
    (imagine 2 monsters of the month at ONCE)

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