Spencer Nilsen, US Sonic CD Composer, Chatting at SAGE

Spencer Nilsen, US Sonic CD Composer, Chatting at SAGE

At 2 PM EST this Thursday, July 30th, visitors of the SAGE 2009 chat room will have the opportunity to talk to esteemed video game and movie composer Spencer Nilsen.

Spencer is famous for his SEGA CD soundtracks for Jurassic Park and Batman Returns, but most noted for his work on the US version of the Sonic CD soundtrack.

Join the SAGE chat room with the client provided on the site.  Alternatively, you can use a chat client and join “irc.rizon.net #sagexpo.”

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  1. This chat is going to be awesome. I might not be around to hear it. Hope you guys record it.

  2. Peter Griffin – Hehehehe, Spencil.
    Not quiet a Stencil and not quiet a pencil.

    Wonder what he has to say about the 16 year old game that we don’t already know?

  3. Here is what I have to say about Sonic CD. Its the greatest game I ever played in my life. Sorry Brad, I didn’t know what an IRC chat was.

  4. surely one of the best sonic games and the best boss fight in the whole sonic universe (METAL SONIC!!!!)

  5. Aww man, I missed the chat! I wanted to talk to the guy and say he did an awesome job with the Sonic CD soundtrack. 🙁

    Is there any other way I can see this whole conversation?

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