Sonic Hoodie Coming To HMV

Sonic Hoodie Coming To HMV

Sonic Hoodie

UK retailer HMV are listing a new Sonic hoodie to be released Monday 6th July. One side of the item has Sonic’s face and his eyes on the other just like one of the Sonic Adventure t-shirt’s. The hoodie is priced at £29.99 on HMV’s website and comes in sizes small, medium, large and extra large. Wether or not HMV will be selling this hoodie in their stores we don’t know but we will update you on release day. HMV also stock alot of Sonic t-shirts at £9.99 each which you can check out here.


  1. I saw them the other day at a HMV, they’ve got a bunch of new Sonic wearables X3 Quite tempted to pick one up at some point, they all looked pretty awesome, much better than the stuff they were handing out before.

  2. It would be more awesome if they got shot of the front design. But yes, I think I’ll wait to Christmas, when it’s actually required!!!

  3. Now if they had any sense… the coloured Sonic head would be on the front, right? Because that’s more visually attractive than just his eyes.

    I’ve got a navy blue t-shirt with that same coloured Sonic head on it. It’s kinda disppointing actually because the motif is 100% on the side of the t-shirt, so you don’t actually see much of Sonic when you wear it. Wearing it feels kinda weird too because the motif (which is brilliant, despite its positioning) feels so different from the cotton and I think it affected the fit of the t-shirt too. It’s disorientating walking around feeling like you’re smacking Sonic in the face.

  4. That’s a pretty useless picture they’ve given out I must say, I really can’t make head or Tail(s) of what I’m looking at. I like the idea of the eyes, but considering they used the exact same template for both pictures I can’t tell whether it’s the front or the back, and why on earth is the Sonic head located theoretically where the crotch would be? Wouldn’t the middle be a lot more convenient or was the mock-up maker just seeing double?

    When this is actually in a finalized state I’ll probably be picking it up though, the overall design looks nice.

  5. So that’s where the Oompa Loompa’s with camera’s went. To take shitty small pictures for HMV. Good going~!

  6. I’m gone for ten days and all this happened!

    US release somewhere please?

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