Sonic Helps Celebrate Pink Panthers 45th Anniversary

Sonic Helps Celebrate Pink Panthers 45th Anniversary

Sonic & Pink Pather

On 15th July Sonic the Hedgehog got together with The Pink Panther to help celebrate his 45th Birthday, Sonic also received some Birthday wishes for his Japanese 18th Birthday that was coming up the 18th July. The pair of abnormally coloured animals look to be working the stage well together, with no reports of Sonic giving The Pink Panther any attitude or The Pink Panther playing any tricks on Sonic we can assume all was well at the event.

Pink Panther cafe

The Pink Panther even got a nice cafe set up with a lovely selection of food except he didn’t accomodate for Sonic as there doesn’t seem to be any chilli dogs on the menu, for shame.

Here’s to many more years for both of these colourful characters!

Source: Sonic Channel Blog

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  1. Maybe he was there because he has mistaken the diamond for a Chaos Emerald. ]:) Lulz XD.

  2. Interesting, but I’m still trying to figure out the connection here. Does Sonic use that pink insulation or something? : P

  3. That’s what you call the craziest crossover ever… and I crossed Sonic with Detective Conan.

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