Senoue Working On Three New CD Projects

Senoue Working On Three New CD Projects

In a news blast to his fan community website, Jun ‘Parfect’ Senoue has followed up on our last story by revealing that he’s actually working on three CDs, with the intention of them being released this year. The brand new Crush 40 album that was announced previously is no longer to be released within the September – November window, but the musician promises that work will continue once he and singer Johnny Gioeli have some spare time.

The three CDs include a new compilation of Sonic themes to compliment the recent ‘True Blue’ release, a Crush 40 Best-Of collection and a profile of Senoue’s works in non-Sonic games and other soundtracks. Sayeth the guitarist:

Crush 40 : The Best of Crush 40 – Super Sonic Songs
– Sep.16, 2009
– The previous one we released through Frontiers Records had been out of print for years and also we have released several songs since then. This CD will have most of our songs we did for Sega video games.

JUN SENOUE : The Works
– Oct. 21, 2009
– I have worked on several non-Sonic related games like ‘Daytona USA Championship Circuit Edition’, ‘Sega Rally 2’ and some others. Also there are some rare tracks I provided for soundtrack releases as well. This is the compilation of my works from mid of 90’s through 2009.

The Best of Sonic the Hedgehog Part2 : True Colors
– Sometime in November
– ‘True Blue’ was the collection of music of world famous blue hedgehog, Sonic. And ‘True Colors’ will be the compilation CD featuring theme songs for characters of the world of Sonic the Hedgehog.

When asked if there would be any unique or special material included on any of these projects, Senoue seemed optimistic about throwing in some rare, unreleased tracks and alternate versions to popular songs. But so far, nothing has been confirmed on that front.

Even without the long-awaited sequel to Crush 40, it looks like fans of Jun are going to be treated well this year.

Thanks to bcdcdude for the tip!

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  1. “The Best of Crush 40” and “True Colors” are the ones I would love to get. 🙂

    If they do remixes of the original songs like they have been doing now, I will love them forever! 😀

  2. “True Colors?”

    The only thing I see is a hard rock version of “Fly in the Freedom.” Not cool.

  3. Marine Raccoon Theme – Oi! I’m the captain – True Colors 2009 Jun Senoue

  4. Hmm…..Not to sound angry or picky or anything, but I want to hear some new stuff, so I am a bit disappointed that Crush 40 album will have to be pushed back. The only way these next 3 CDs can be awesome is if it gets a remaster treatment much the same way “Live and Learn” and “What I’m Made Of…” got on the True Blue Album. Some more of that, and I’ll be happy. ^_^

  5. I hope this album features Knight of the Wind, Live Life, With Me, Almost Dead by Crush 40, The Chosen One by Crush 40, Waking Up by Crush 40, His World Crush 40, Seven Rings In Hand, His World Blue World Prelude, Dreams of an Absolution LB vs JS, Dreams of an Absolution by Crush 40 and the vocalist would be Johnny Gioeli, and Catch Me If You Can by Crush 40 on this true colors album

  6. HOLAS: ™

    hoping there is a good amount of original music….. i would like to hear something i didn’t hear before…. not saying sonic music isn’t awesome (considering i have almost all the soundtracks out there)…


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