SAGE Sneak Peak: “Sonic: Time Twisted”

SAGE Sneak Peak: “Sonic: Time Twisted”

Sonic: Time Twisted has been a mainstay at SAGE since 2006 and, if you remember my review of it on the Stadium front page last summer, I was let down by how little of it had changed over the years and how the awkward design choices ruined the experience.  Well, it looks like Overbound, the game’s creator, has addressed all the issues with his project and is looking to deliver at SAGE 2009.  Below is a video of the new hotness:


The 2009 Sonic Amateur Games Expo runs July 25th through the 31st at “”  It is the biggest online community event that showcases the best Sonic fan projects around.

UPDATE: Since people decided to be silly and troll the comments box with “NEW SKOOL RULZ,” Overbound has now made sure to cater to your audience.  You can thank him later:

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  1. The game looks awesome it has the retro feel & has Sonic & Tails playable which good still wish Knuckles was in there but the game is still awesome

  2. N00bish question…do those cones in the background do anything, or are they just there?

  3. Too much stupid old school style. Am I the only one who thinks that the old-school Sonic games is waaay too overrated?
    They are, I like the platforming, but the old games and this dosen’t give you real speed or something, Sonic is about speed, and good platforming, but when the platforming takes too much place, it isn’t fun. I like the old-school games, but I like the speed the new ones give us, why can’t anyone make a good mix? 50% Next Gen speed and 50% good ol’ platforming from the older games, no this is too much old. This guy probably works hard on this, and many old school fans will like it. But it dosen’t give us something that makes it intresting or something that is new that can be unbelive able fun or something.
    One more reason why I don’t like fan-games, 80% of them is made by old boring old-school fans that want to make it a copy of the first game with some other stuff in it that is still old-school stuff that we’ve seen thousends of times.
    But I can see that this guy put in some effert and works hard on it. I don’t like the game it self, even if I haven’t tried it yet. But I think many will like it. I don’t say it’s bad or something, but this old-school stuff is way to overrated and so on.

  4. I don’t want to start another arguement here, but Osnic is roght. The Genesis games were great, but too many people cling on to them, and just won’t admit the fact that the newer games aren’t THAT bad.

    And yes, platforming is nice, but not when it takes up most of the level. You can clearly see in those days that Sonic was created purely to rival Mario.

    Sorry Brad, but that’s the way I feel.

  5. Sonic was not created as a direct rival to Mario, but to provide some better than, and different to Mario.

    And it worked. For a while, at least…

  6. Can we not drag this down into yet another ‘classic fans are rubbish’ argument? There’s no reason to be trolling other people’s hard work, now. They make fangames as a tribute to Sonic, not to ‘make a crap series better’. So I hope Osnic and those who like to talk before they think of others feelings have a chance to think about how they would like to be spoken to before practically trolling.


  7. @Dreadknux: I’m not dragging it into an argument. I’m just stating my opinion. I thought that’s what these comment boxes were for.

    After all, what would it be like if some people can’t voice their opinions just because they’re different to everyone elses? Sounds like communism to me.

    (For the record, I am NOT accusing anyone of being a communist.)

  8. Every fanbase ends up like this. In Metal Gear fan communities, the majority of the fans are in fact very anti-classic Metal Gear (as in MG1/MG2 for MSX which some people don’t even know exist) while some are anti-MGS1 and anti-MGS2. Usually they cite the graphics and lack of online play. Which is odd since MG games were never about graphics or online play until 2005, and even then not really.

    The difference here is that while new Metal Gear games tend to have awful fanwank storylines with great gameplay, the new Sonic games are just, well, not that good all together.

    If you think they’re good, that’s fine I suppose. Actually not really because despite the low critical success these games sell because of you allowing SEGA to release half-polished titles for a quick buck. But I’ll ignore that for now and point out that if you guys are getting what you want–these so-called “NEXT GEN” Sonic titles officially from SEGA–then why can’t you let the fangaming community deliver the old school style Sonic the Hedgehog games to an audience who haven’t even gotten anything close to what they want since a certain game with a certain locking-on ability or a certain SEGA Genesis/MegaDrive add-on if you want to count Chaotix as “old-school.”

    Of course, I’d like to see “Humble Fellow” and “Osnic” actually work on their own “next gen” Sonic fangame. PROTIP: Don’t use the Sonic Worlds game engine it’s too platformy for what you want. Good luck guys and see you at SAGE 2010.

  9. @RS: Okay, I’ll back down.

    Besides, I probably couldn’t make a decent fangame if I tried. My creative juices are better suited to the fanfiction enviroment.

    Right then, back to my TailsxCream fic…

  10. Personally I think the game looks all right, a lot of work has obviously gone into making it, the only things I will say though is that I don’t particularly like the choice in character model, it’s far too contrasting with the retro styled backdrops.
    Another issue is the overly detailed backdrops as well, I couldn’t see half of the badniks appear.

  11. @Humble Fellow: You have every right to voice your opinion, but it’s not necessary to the topic at hand. Why even bring up the ‘classic fans’ card when the actual article was about celebrating fangames?

    A comments box only goes as far as talking about whatever the original article is addressing. Once you start going off on tangents you are going off-topic, or in Osnic’s case if you act abusive about it, trolling.

    Please don’t play me for a fool by arguing this simple fact.

    1. That’s cool. 🙂 Not everyone thinks the classics are the best, not everyone thinks the modern games are good. In a split fanbase like this, the best thing we can do is try to respect and get along with each other, right?

  12. Thanks for the comments guys the reason the game has a classic feel to it is because Sonic CD is always been my favorite Sonic game and it has a more Platformy feel than even Sonic 2 or 3 and maybe even 1. Last the Sonic sprite is staying I specifically asked Mist Hedgehog if I could use that sprite and most people like it and I love it. Sonic is the only playable character no Tails or Knuckles.

  13. @humble & dreadknux
    its cool to see still some guys repecting other opinions.(or start to)
    well i cant watch it (dont ask why) but i think giving classic fans what they want is good
    so good job, maker of this game

  14. I agree with Humble and Osnic. Of course we must respect each other’s opinions but I will attack if people get too offensive about your opinion.

    This fanmade game… I love the fact that it has the Sonic CD thing going on. Sonic CD… FAVORITE GAME EVER. The thing is, being a Sonic music obsessed freak, unfortunately the music wasn’t that great… ._.

  15. Your the only one that’s had a problem with the music so far everyone else seems to like it and I’m totally grateful to LarkSS for making it :D.

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