SAGE Sneak Peak: “Sonic Attitude!”

SAGE Sneak Peak: “Sonic Attitude!”


Above is a screenshot of a game coming to SAGE ’09 in 2 weeks, called Sonic Attitude by SFGHQer Endri Lauson.  The game is a 2D sidescroller in full 3D.  LOOK AT THE PRETTY.  LOOK AT IT.

Endri originally designed Attitude for the Nintendo DS, but the recent screenshots that have been coming in have been for the PC version.  Endri built the PC version from the ground up in his own custom software development kit:

One thing that I would like to note is that I redefined the engine for the PC version. The PC version will now feature a brand new engine entirely customized by me myself. I like to call it, “Attitude Engine”. It’s an entire SDK for developing Sonic games for PC. In fact, you can you it to develop other types games but Sonic games, but the main sources included are for Sonic in general.  The main features in the engine I belive is SSAO and almost-with-no-pre-calculations-at-all Global Illumination.

To play the 2008 tech demo of Sonic Attitude, check out Endri’s website (translated from Portuguese) and follow the progress Endri makes on the game at the official thread at Sonic Fan Games HQ.

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  1. Oh my God.
    That looks amazing.

    But, as I have learnt through many a Sonic Team game; great graphics does not equal great gameplay.
    As long as the engine isn’t broken beyond all recognition, this is a must download.

    I wish time would move quicker. The new Hospital of Death album comes out the same day as SAGE starts; it’s like a doubly-whammy of awesome.

  2. this might be the one fangame i actually play, looks similar to sonic rivals but with improved graphics 🙂

  3. All those who thought they were looking at an official game at first raise your hands.

  4. it more reminds of SA1 model it is pretty bright the today knuckles is darker (but still red)

  5. Oh… Wow…

    It’s cool that he decided to move to the PC. It looks a lot better.

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