M&S Olympic Winter Games Dated

M&S Olympic Winter Games Dated

The sequel to the rather-good-if-massmarket-preaching Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games has had its release date confirmed, thanks to a post on the official Sonic City Blognik sporting a snazzy advert. The Nintendo DS and Wii versions of the game will arrive on store shelves on the 16th October 2009.


In addition to this, the official website for the game has been updated, and box artwork have been released for both the Wii and Nintendo DS versions, both of which you can download in high quality from TSS’ Game Archive.

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  1. Snowboarding? W007!

    (is a huge fan of *blank*boarding games, hence why she got Sonic Riders One and Two)

  2. The first one wasn’t that bad, I mean, it’s still a fun game (I personally prefer the DS version).
    Can’t wait ’till this one comes out. Man, this Fall/Winter is really gonna be awesome with the release of Jun’s CDs, this, and a few other things!

  3. I am going to buy a calendar for the sole purpose of marking down this date. I can’t wait!

    I wouldn’t be crushed if it was delayed, though.

  4. lets see if it stll is the best mini game collections.
    when yes than this will be my first sonic game i really just gonna ignore
    (i give them credit for metal sonic though)

  5. I always feel excited when new artwork comes.
    It’s nice they made two different covers for each console.

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