Comics Zone Relaunched!

Comics Zone Relaunched!

It’s about time I started adding back some of the really old content TSS used to have on here, and I’m making some progress now by relaunching the Comics Zone. It’s not hard to miss on the sidebar – look for the flashing ‘new’ icon. It aims to be a vault of information on the Archies, Sonic the Comics, random Japanese Manga and all sorts of other miscellaneous books that get discovered.

At the moment, you can view information on Fleetway’s Sonic the Comic from Issues 1 to 11. Now that the section’s relaunched, I’ll find time every now and then to add a few more issues to the archive. So for now, enjoy a Fleetway blast from the past while I get more stuff together for you.

The Games Archive is requiring a little rethink before I fully relaunch that – having said that, you can see full-view boxart of M&S at the Olympic Winter Games by going to its archive directly here.

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  1. Manga and Super Sonic Specials please! I know where to get everything else.

  2. Cool! Hope you add some of the other comics! I alredy have every Sonic the Comic comic ever on a CD, so I can read them on my computer.XD I think it’s all of them if I’m not wrong. I like Archie much more to be honest.XD

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